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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Gold Blusher Kit 5 in One : Review & Swatches

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
As i told in my earlier posts that i love to buy different brands products . I do not go just after high end brands or famous brands. Whenever i see a good product , i try to grab it as soon as possible . I have a Just Gold blusher kit , which i got as a present from my dear ones. Below you can see its packaging :

It comes with a white color rectangular box , with a wide mirror inside it and two low quality applicators ( which obviously i never used for applying blusher).

I did not try all the colors but i have tried 2 shades of this palette (second and third one from the left )and i like them alot and i am pretty much satisfied with this palette . It will attract to the girls who cannot afford to buy expensive single color blushers and use blushers occasionally , This blusher kit gives a choice of 5 different shades of blushers . They are surprisingly pigmented, easily blendable and have fine shimmer in it . You can mix two colors and create your own new color easily. Below you can see a blended swatch of these five blushers.

This palette is easily available at any local cosmetic shop for Rs. 400 Pkr ( price may vary )
Here is the list of ingredients given on the back of this palette, if you are concerned :

In my opinion, it is a great choice if you are a beginner and want to try different blusher color or just playing with them . I will not recommend this for regular use.
Do you like this review ? have any one tried it yet ? share your thoughts with me !!
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  1. this looks great! I was thinking of getting a pallete like this but wasnt sure of the pigmentation or if it too chalky

    nice swatchs!

  2. The colors are ah-mazing! I love blushes, but have never been able to find the perfect palette. This one seems like the perfect one.

  3. the colours look great. i own a tri blush palette by the same company. why you think these are not good for regular use??

  4. the colours look great. i own a trio blush palette by the same company. why you think these can't be used regularly???? what are the cons according to you


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