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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review :Girl , Inexpensive and Cute jewellery store !!

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Hi my sugarplums, Holiday season is just round the corner and i know you all people are in search of inexpensive and cute things for your friends and beloved people. is a webstore located in USA , which is famous for their wide range of cute jewellery pieces , sun glasses , belts and other accessories every girl want to have !! They also have a HOLIDAY JEWELRY section , where you can grab all the cuteness of this holiday fever. They ships worldwide and shipping is FREE.

I was sent few items for review purpose few days back .. lets have a look at these babies .. !!

1. Peacock Feather Earrings :
These are such a beauty to look at. They are not just another peacock feather earrings but it also has 3 dangling chains and a red coloured bead . The length of these earrings is up to 7 inch .It looks really beautiful when worn , you can pair it with any simple outfit to add some color. If you are really into long earrings and also a fan of feather earrings , these are a must have for you .The material of feathers are really soft and colors are very vibrant. These are Lead Free too.
Peacock Feather Eye with 3 Dangling Chains, Acrylic Beads,2 x 7" Total in Blue with Green finish
You can buy this beautiful earrings HERE for 4.99$

2. Cubic Zirconia Star Necklace :
This CZ star pendant is perfect of everyday wear. It is attached to a twisted silver finish 16 inch chain which fits around my neck. It has an adjustable chain , which means you can easily adjust the length of the chain according to your preferences.

 The quality of cubic zircon is very fine . As you can see in the below picture

Here you can see how it looks on my neck :
I love the way it sparkles , this one is my personal favourite , I am wearing it right now  "wink"

You can buy this HERE for 7.99$

3. Cherry Necklace with Swarovski Crystals :
I am a great lover of cherries and could not resist my urge my desire to make it mine in the form of this necklace . It is super cute and girly. I love the way it sparkles and the crystals are really beautiful . The finish of this is really good.
This one is designed and made exclusively by , you can see a tag of on the adjustable chain.

It is also available in gold finish , but i personally like silver one :). Here is a detailed view of the cherry pendant :

And finally how it looks on my neck :

Small, delicate and sweet, just like your favorite cherry pie! Send her one now!
You can grab this beauty HERE for 6.99$

Recommendation :
Yes , i will recommend to everyone !!

You can visit GIRLPROPS.COM , and become a fan on FACEBOOK too.

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review : Liz Earle Foot Scrub

Thursday, November 24, 2011
Hey my sugarplums, i was sent to try Liz earle foot scrub few days back , and i can say that this is a "Must have" product from Liz earle range of skin care products. What made me say this , lets find out here :
Packaging : 
Liz earle foot scrub comes in a 100ml squeeze tube with screw open lid. It is very usage and travel friendly tube. You can easily keep it inside your bag , while travelling. There is a protection layer which makes sure that the product reaches you safely .

Product Description :
The back side of the tube contains useful information about the product. Also you can get the idea on how to use this scrub for more effective results.

Ingredients :
What i like most about Liz products that they include whole list of ingredients on their products which is very useful to see whether you are allergic or not to any one of them.
My thoughts :
As i mentioned earlier , i am really impressed by this product. The consistency of this scrub is very thick and filled with lots of pumice beads to clear away dead skin from your feet. This scrub is very effective in soothing tired feet . And also it makes my feet super smooth and silky. I want to touch my feet again and again after using this scrub. This scrub has got a pepermint scent which helps in relaxing tired feet and calm down . I am using it thrice a week or you can say on alternate days. 
consistency of liz earle foot scrub
First i soak my feet into a tub filled with soapy warm water. Then after 5 minutes, i gently massage this scrub on my feet for a few minutes. and then rinse it with tap water. In the end , i apply a moisturizer all over my feet. 
Over all, it is included in the list of products which makes me addicted to them .. now i am seeing myself reaching for it whenever i am feeling down or tired.

Price & Availability :
You can buy this product Here . 100ml tube is available for 10.75 pounds.

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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Nature's Brilliance By Sue : Review & Swatches

Hey girls , few days back i got a package from lovely Sue of Nature's Brilliance by Sue for my consideration 

Brand : Nature's Brilliance by Sue :
Sue is the Sole Proprietor of Nature's Brilliance By Sue. It is located on the East Coast in a small town in New Jersey. It was formed to help people locate products for their skin tone & skin type. Sue has dealt with multiple allergies for years and through persistance and exhaustive research has found a line of natural mineral make-up and organic skin and body care products suitable for all skin types, even those with multiple allergies. Nature's Brilliance By Sue will not sell any product that is not 100% Natural or Organic and has not been tested by the owner her self. Sue has a Diploma in both Holistic Beauty Therapy and Holistic Herbal Therapy; with Certificates in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Healing, and Business Development for the Alternative Health Therapist, from the Natural Health Institutes, based in Canada.

 These are all mineral cosmetics , lets see what did she send to me ..
Package contains :

  • Mineral Blush/eye color
  • Mineral Eye color
  • Mineral Lip glaze
Mineral Eye / Blush Color :
I got one eye color in Royal violets . And One eye/blush color in Sienna Sunrise. The names of the shade is written with pen on the back of the little jars. As you can see , the jar of mineral eye color is smaller than the eye/blush one. But both of the jars are filled with lots of the loose pigments. I am surprised to see that they did not include full ingredients list on the label of mineral eye color jar.
The colors she sent me are beautiful. The mineral eye pigment is a violet blue shade with lots of shimmers inside. And the blush color is a beautiful pink shade with gold sheen . It looks very pretty when applied. They does not contain gritty glitter particles . The sifter jars are sealed with a protecting layer to avoide wastage of product. As you can see in the below picture.
I am glad to see that these pigments are not at all chalky but applies smoothly and the color pay off is excellent.  These are long lasting too and does not fade away easily unlike other mineral eye pigments i have tried so far.
Here is a swatch of both of these on my hand :

Over all these pigments are good enough to work with . These are easily blendable , well pigmented , shimmery and most important thing is that they stay put on eyelids for a long period of time. These are full sized sample sifter jars. You can buy this product here.

Mineral Lip Gloss / glaze :
I was sent a full size sample of lip glaze in shade ROSE Garden. Its a shimmery lip glaze . The

Product Description: 
Is it a gloss? Or is it a glaze? It's a combination of both. Moisturizing to the lips and light weight. 
Ingredients: Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Castor Seed Oil, 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin, Lecithin (Vegetable Source), Natural Vitamin E, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Allantoin, Titanium Dioxide, Mica and Iron Oxide.
My thoughts : 
This is a combination of lip gloss and lip glaze. What i love most about this that the color suits me alot. it is a beige brown  shade with a hint of copper and lots of shimmers. I love the fact that it is moisturizing but totally non-sticky. The pigmentation is good. And it looks like a great product with all the mineral goodness. This product is taste less and odour less . I wish if she good add any flavour to it. Here is a swatch of this on my lips :
You can see that the color in the tube matches with the color on my lips . It means this glaze not at all sheer and gives a good coverage. The lip gloss lasts on my lips for a good 2 3 hours then gradually fades away.
You can buy this product here.

Availability :
You can get these products HERE

Visit Nature's brilliance By Sue website HERE for more information about mineral cosmetics. She has a nice collection of mineral cosmetics and skin care products.

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Review : Steam Cream , Heavenly scented light moisturizer !!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Hey girls , I always wanted to try Japanese products , i love their culture , their Gyaru fashion , and their cosmetics too. I have read some rave comments on other blogs about Japanese products. Thanks to , They sent me some products for my consideration . Lets see what is in spotlight today..

Its Steam Cream - a light hand made moisturiser which looks so good that i cannot resist my urge to look at it again and again !!

Product Description :
According to website :

We handmake STEAMCREAM in the UK and Japan with fresh natural ingredients, fused together with a shot of steam. 
Our unique method means that STEAMCREAM gives your face instant refreshment the moment you use it. It’s super-moisturising, sinks deep down and revives your skin straight away. 
Use it to soften your body, hands and feet too. 

Some amazing facts of STEAMCREAM include:
- STEAMCREAM was included in the goodie bags for Grammy and Emmy Awards 2010
- Winner of the 2010 CEW award in Best New Everyday Skincare - Mass Market
- Winner of PURE Beauty Award 2011 for Best New Design & Packaging
- Featured by the world's leading press including Vogue, Instyle, Oprah

My thoughts :
As you all know , i am a die heart fan of good packagings , And this steam cream comes in a sturdy circular tin box. I selected this particular design because i thought it a lady bug design looks so sexy and feminine. The box is filled with heavenly scented moisturizer , which is made by natural ingredients. The texture of this cream is milky and light , which sinks in the skin completely , leaving skin soft and supple.It does not make my skin greasy, which is a plus point for me as i am blessed with oily skin. It keeps skin hydrated and scented for several hours. I used this cream on my hands and feets. But i have not used it on my face yet , because i am afraid of break outs , because of my oily skin.

 One interesting thing is that , that you can select from a huge range of designs of tin box , some have floral prints and some are limited edition designs . It means you can keep this sturdy box , even after the moisturizer is finished and store your little pieces of jewellery in it. If you are a style conscious person like me , then you can select a design according to your personality !!
It is a multi purpose cream , which can be used all over the body . If you want to indulge yourself with this scented light moisturiser , than go ahead and grab a box for yourself.
Here you can see how it feels on my skin before and after :
see how quickly it absorbed by the skin :

You may like this if..

  • If you really like products made my natural ingredients.
  • you want a rich yet light moisturizer.
  • you are really into good packagings.
  • you want a multi purpose cream for hand and body.
You may not like this if ..
  • You are allergic to essential oils 
  •  you find it a tad expensive 
Price & Availability :
You can buy this product HERE for 25$ . is giving away free gift box with every steamcream purchased. Minimum purchased of 2 steamcream is required !!

Why ? is an online store which contains a wide range of beauty and fashion products and they ships worldwide . NO shipping fee at all.

  • FREE worldwide shipping for overseas orders above SGD89
  • Christmas promotion with up to 70% discount!

 You can visit their webstore HERE.
Join beautcarousel on Facebook HERE

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

E.l.f Super Glossy Lip Shine Spf 15 in Honey Do : Review & Swatches

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Hi my sugar plums , 
As you all know that i am a lip gloss girl, i expect from a lip gloss to be flavored , nicely pigmented , scented and non sticky.. lets see whether E.l.f super glossy lip shine in honey do fulfilled my requirements or not !!

Product Description :
This Super Glossy formula leaves your lips with a healthy glossy glow. The delicious flavor and sweet scent will leave you licking your lips in delight! The perfect on the go tube that is mess proof for anywhere and anytime!

 My thoughts :
 This season orange lips are the hottest trend. I also wanted to try a bright orange coloured  lip gloss which can give me a juicy pout. But this lip gloss fails as far as the pigmentation is concerned. It appears a bright juicy orange color in the tube , but in real its a very sheer , almost clear lip gloss with fruity scent and flavor. Its a bit sticky too . But i do not mind its stickiness because in this way it lasts longer on my lips. It is really moisturizing and keeps my lips soft for several hours. But i really wish it could be a bit more pigmented.
Here is a swatch of this on my hand :
E.l.f super glossy lip shine in honey do - swatch
even on my hand it looks a bit tinted orange , but when applied on my lips it looks completely transparent :

Over all,it is an okay prodct . it is an everyday lip gloss , which you can easily carry around while travelling , but if you want better pigmentation and lasting power then you should invest in something different.

You might like this product if ..

  • you want an in expensive product
  • you want a sheer , flavored lip gloss
  • you like fruity scents
  • you want your lip gloss to be sticky
You might not like this product if ..

  • You want a colored lip gloss
  • you expected it to be more pigmented

Do you own any e.l.f super glossy lip shine ?? what are your thoughts about these ? I would love to hear from you !!

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Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics , Review and Swatches !!

Hey girls , recently i was sent to try a sample set of Lumiere mineral comsetics . I am really into mineral cosmetics these days .The sample set i got was consists of 7 little pots and a small sample of lip gloss.

It contains :
One Foundation : Veena Velvet : Medium Warm
One foundation : Cashmere Medium Golden
Two eye shadow pigments: Amber , Cuppucinno
One eye pigment prismatic: Gold Sparkle
Two blushers : Wild Rose , Adobe Sunset
One lip gloss : Tahitian Coral

These pots are really small in size but filled up with a decent amount of product in it , which is good to use for several times. Lets see what do i think about these :

Eye Pigments :
Amber is a Shimmery golden brown with a rich coppery/antiqued gold sheen.
Cuppocinno is a silky, mostly matte creamy tan
Prismatic Gold Sparkle is a Gold color with gold sparkles .
According to Website Prismatic pigments are:
  Our favorite way to "highlight", as it resembles the colors formed by refraction of light through a prism. These are all white powders that have a highlight of a unique hue (gold, orange, red, green, violet, pink, turquoise, or blue). Use as an eyeshadow, liner, body shimmer or mix with lip gloss.
Eye pigments : Prismatic Gold Sparkle , Cuppocinno, Amber
My thoughts : 
These eye shadows are my most favorite among all of the product that were sent to me. I am totally in love with the uniqueness of Prismatic Gold sparkle , as i have never seen such a beautiful and versatile product in my life , most important thing is that it does not contain chunky glitters which spread all over an ruin your whole eye makeup . It looks great when applied an eyeliner . The amber is also a quit weareable eye pigment . It has a shimmery , metallic sheen and it looks lovely when applied all over on the lid with a smokey look. The cuppucinno is a more day time color. It has a silky texture and it glides smoothly. As these are loose pigments , the fall outs are obvious but you can easily wipe these using a few strokes of loose mineral powder after completing your eye makeup. They do lasts longer when used wet or with a eyeshadow primer beneath them.
Here are swatches of all these :

Over all , The eye pigments are of decent quality , blendable and applies smoothly. They also stay put on eyes for a decent period of time.

Blushers :

Wild Rose : is a subtle blend of burnished peach with a slight hint of rose color.
Adobe Sunset : is a neutral peachy-nude with no shimmers.

My thoughts :
The wild rose is a great peachy color with a pink sheen added to it  .It gives a warm glow to my medium complexion , but what i do not like about these that they are hard to blend and it leaves a patch on my skin . I tried it using a light hand and then it worked better this way. The adobe sunset does not show on my complexion as it is really pale and as it is has a matte texture i would prefer it to use as a eye shadow base color at day time.
Here is a swatch of these on my hand :

Loose Mineral Foundations :
I was sent two shades of loose mineral foundations , here is a description of these :
Veena Velvet , Medium Warm
Cashmere Medium Golden
Cashmere , Veena Velvet
Veena velvet medium warm is a perfect match for my complexion , but this one is too matte for my liking . Cashmere has a dewy finish , which i always wanted but its shade does not match with my skin tone .It is way too lighter than my complexion. The coverage they provide is light to medium , which is buildable . It is an adequate product for everyday use, if you do not need heavy coverage. You can use a seperate concealer to hide your flaws. I will recommend to wear a good spf sun block or face primer beneath it if you are wearing it at day time. After 3 to 4 hours , you will need to re touch your face as it does not last much longer .Here is a swatch of both of them on my hand :
left side veena velvet , right side cashmere
Lip Gloss - Tahitian Coral :
A tiny bottle of lip gloss is also included in the sample set. The color is a gorgeous peachy coral with subtle gold shimmers. But when applied , it looks almost sheer on my pigmented lips. When applied over a peachy lipstick , it looks really pretty. It is non sticky and lasts up to two to three hours. Here is a swatch of this on my hand :

Overall , these are a decent quality products . I wish they could stay put on much longer. If you are new to mineral cosmetics , and looking for a cheaper alternative , then you should try these , as you can get sample products for reduced prices.

You can visit Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics HERE .

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

E.l.f Brightening Eye color in Teal Dream : Review & Swatches

Saturday, November 19, 2011
Hey girls , do you remember how much i appreciated e.l.f eye brightening eye color in day 2 night ? i am really impressed by these eyeshadow quads ,Today i am going to review another E.l.f brightening eye color in teal dream.
My thoughts :
This eyeshadow palette consists of 4 eyeshadows, the color selection is really good , shades are summery and bright , but only two of them are pigmented , while the others are chalky and sheer.

first one is a highlighter shade which contains glitters but is chalky and does not shows up much on eyes
second one is a beige bone white shade which is pigmented, applied smoothly and blendable
third one is green shade , and this one is the least pigmented shade , its really hard to pick the color
forth one is a true metallic teal color with gold shimmers added to it , this one is my favorite shadow out of the four. it looks extremely bright and beautiful on my eyes. The staying power of these are adequate . The colors are bright and beautiful , what else you could ask for just one dollar !!
Here is a swatch of all of these on my hand :
Here is a soft look i created using this eyeshadow quad :
Over all, the color selection is good , i wish they could increase the pigmentation of the other two eyeshadows .i love their compact size. i would love to collect all of these brightening eye color quads in future.

Do you own any e.l.f eyeshadow quad ? what are your experiences with these ? which one is your favorite ?

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Review : Nivea Extra Cell Repair Pore Minimizer Night Cream

Friday, November 18, 2011
Hi girls , Sorry for being absent from my blog , i was really busy in my personal life for past few days . Now everything is back to normal. Today i am going to review Nivea Extra Cell Repair Pore Minimizer Night Cream. I am using it regularly for more than two weeks now . And i am really impressed by its performance , lets find out what do i think about this night cream.

Packaging :
This night cream comes in a jar . Its a smaller jar as compare to the size of its outer box. I guess you can put another jar of same size inside the packaging. After using it for upto 2 weeks now , it is still alot of cream present in the jar , i think once jar will last upto one month . The card board packaging contains all the essential information about the product , but alas !! everything except its name is written in thai language , which i absolutely do not understand at all.

I wish if someone could translate it for me , i really love reading package instructions and other useful information , Only list of ingredients is given in english , which is mentioned on the bottom side.

My thoughts :
It smells  exactly the same as Extra cell repair face wash ( read review here ) . The smell is refreshing and floral. It absorbs really faster and sinks in the skin within no time. It does not leave any residue or white cast behind it . I also did not find my face oily in the morning , which is a plus point for me. I started using this night cream because i had a few stubborn acne scars on my face and i am glad to see that after using this night cream , they started to lighten after a week. It makes my skin tone brighter , or i would say it lightens it a bit , but do not expect for a miracle . It just brightens my skin tone. As far as its pore minimizing abilities are concerned , i did not have too many open pores or visible open pores on my face , but i feels that it makes my skin firmer , smoother and younger looking. It did not break me out , i love this fact.
Here you can see the cream is thick in consistency but sinks completely by the skin within a minute :

Over all , it is a great product for oily or problem skin . I would really like to recommend it to those who wants to get rid of scars and a brighter complexion .

You may like this product if ..

  • You want to reduce dark spots
  • You want a non oily night cream
  • you want to improve your skin complexion
  • you have oily skin
You may not like this product if ..

  • You expect to do any miracle for your complexion
  • It is not easily available 
I got this product from Watson's bangkok  for 350 bahts .
Please share your opinions if you have tried this product ?


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NOTD : Feeling Blue and Shattered !!

Hey girls , since i got my black shatter polish (Review here ) by , i am so addicted to it . I am reaching for it every other day and experimenting it with few unusual base colors . Here is a quick nail art i did using my aqua nail color in blueand laushine shatter polish :
I love laushine shatter polish , it shatters really quickly and looks really beautiful . The base color is a bright blue color which really pops up behind the black shatter polish.
Please ignore the nail color stains on my finger , i was in a hurry and forgot to wipe these stains before taking pictures ..
Please let me know how did you find out this mani , i would love to hear back from you girls !!

thats all for today ,
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