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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics , Review and Swatches !!

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Hey girls , recently i was sent to try a sample set of Lumiere mineral comsetics . I am really into mineral cosmetics these days .The sample set i got was consists of 7 little pots and a small sample of lip gloss.

It contains :
One Foundation : Veena Velvet : Medium Warm
One foundation : Cashmere Medium Golden
Two eye shadow pigments: Amber , Cuppucinno
One eye pigment prismatic: Gold Sparkle
Two blushers : Wild Rose , Adobe Sunset
One lip gloss : Tahitian Coral

These pots are really small in size but filled up with a decent amount of product in it , which is good to use for several times. Lets see what do i think about these :

Eye Pigments :
Amber is a Shimmery golden brown with a rich coppery/antiqued gold sheen.
Cuppocinno is a silky, mostly matte creamy tan
Prismatic Gold Sparkle is a Gold color with gold sparkles .
According to Website Prismatic pigments are:
  Our favorite way to "highlight", as it resembles the colors formed by refraction of light through a prism. These are all white powders that have a highlight of a unique hue (gold, orange, red, green, violet, pink, turquoise, or blue). Use as an eyeshadow, liner, body shimmer or mix with lip gloss.
Eye pigments : Prismatic Gold Sparkle , Cuppocinno, Amber
My thoughts : 
These eye shadows are my most favorite among all of the product that were sent to me. I am totally in love with the uniqueness of Prismatic Gold sparkle , as i have never seen such a beautiful and versatile product in my life , most important thing is that it does not contain chunky glitters which spread all over an ruin your whole eye makeup . It looks great when applied an eyeliner . The amber is also a quit weareable eye pigment . It has a shimmery , metallic sheen and it looks lovely when applied all over on the lid with a smokey look. The cuppucinno is a more day time color. It has a silky texture and it glides smoothly. As these are loose pigments , the fall outs are obvious but you can easily wipe these using a few strokes of loose mineral powder after completing your eye makeup. They do lasts longer when used wet or with a eyeshadow primer beneath them.
Here are swatches of all these :

Over all , The eye pigments are of decent quality , blendable and applies smoothly. They also stay put on eyes for a decent period of time.

Blushers :

Wild Rose : is a subtle blend of burnished peach with a slight hint of rose color.
Adobe Sunset : is a neutral peachy-nude with no shimmers.

My thoughts :
The wild rose is a great peachy color with a pink sheen added to it  .It gives a warm glow to my medium complexion , but what i do not like about these that they are hard to blend and it leaves a patch on my skin . I tried it using a light hand and then it worked better this way. The adobe sunset does not show on my complexion as it is really pale and as it is has a matte texture i would prefer it to use as a eye shadow base color at day time.
Here is a swatch of these on my hand :

Loose Mineral Foundations :
I was sent two shades of loose mineral foundations , here is a description of these :
Veena Velvet , Medium Warm
Cashmere Medium Golden
Cashmere , Veena Velvet
Veena velvet medium warm is a perfect match for my complexion , but this one is too matte for my liking . Cashmere has a dewy finish , which i always wanted but its shade does not match with my skin tone .It is way too lighter than my complexion. The coverage they provide is light to medium , which is buildable . It is an adequate product for everyday use, if you do not need heavy coverage. You can use a seperate concealer to hide your flaws. I will recommend to wear a good spf sun block or face primer beneath it if you are wearing it at day time. After 3 to 4 hours , you will need to re touch your face as it does not last much longer .Here is a swatch of both of them on my hand :
left side veena velvet , right side cashmere
Lip Gloss - Tahitian Coral :
A tiny bottle of lip gloss is also included in the sample set. The color is a gorgeous peachy coral with subtle gold shimmers. But when applied , it looks almost sheer on my pigmented lips. When applied over a peachy lipstick , it looks really pretty. It is non sticky and lasts up to two to three hours. Here is a swatch of this on my hand :

Overall , these are a decent quality products . I wish they could stay put on much longer. If you are new to mineral cosmetics , and looking for a cheaper alternative , then you should try these , as you can get sample products for reduced prices.

You can visit Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics HERE .

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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  1. Gold sparkle and amber looked amazing

  2. I love the Gold pigment! its stunning, everything looks really nice

  3. I totally agree with you :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post! Love the colors. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Great! I tried Lumiere products too and although i wouldn't swear by the foundations, I've become a fan oft heir eye pigments and the blushes

  6. Wow, those colors really stick. I used t ouse chemical enhanced eye shadows that you had to apply over and over again to try and get even a shade of what the container said. I love organic because you only need one application for you to see the true colors.


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