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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review : Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel liner

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Hey my sugar plums :),

Today's post is very close to my heart. Its about a product which is very close to my heart.As you all know that i am a big fan of kohls and eyeliners,  its Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner in black , which is raved about many bloggers and girls and now. I am now addicted to it too.

What does Maybelline claims ? :

Now gel reinvents liner:            
• Oil-free formula holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base
• Smudge-proof and waterwproof for 24 hours
• Most intense line for lasting drama                                                  
• Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested
• Contact lens safe
Packaging :
Maybelline Lasting drama gel liner comes in a black box which has a glass pot filled with gel liner in it and a flat tip eyeliner brush with plastic cap. Glass pot looks very elegant with a screw open silver cap. The  cap itself does not feels of good quality. The amount of product present in glass pot is 2.8 g. But i know it will last longer as only a tiny amount of product is needed to line my eyes. It comes in three shades , black , brown and plum , I have it in black shade. 

My thoughts :
This gel liner is very pigmented.  I only have to dip it once in the pot. and the brush carries the right amount to line my eyes. The brush given is of good quality.It glides smoothly and gives great results .It takes a few minutes to dry but once it is dried It is waterproof, rear proof and does not smudge at all.It dries on a matte finish , which gives a very soft look to the eyes. I swatched it on my hand and then put my hand under running  water but it did not smudge at all. after several hours a little fading can be seen but thats okay. I am wearing it daily to line my eyes and getting compliments . Even the hot and humid weather of Karachi , it stay put on my so oily eyelids for several hours without any smudging or Panda eyes ... Thats a great plus for me .
As it is a gel liner , i tightly close its lid after using otherwise it will dry sooner. I have also washed the brush given with water and its still in good shape. The cap given with the brush prevents it from any damage. Here you can see how pigmented and creamy is this gel liner :

Here is a swatch on my hand :

Jumping towards pros and cons :

Pros :

  • Waterproof, tear proof
  • smudge proof
  • brush provided is of good quality
  • packaging is compact
  • color intensity is great
  • blackest eyeliner i have ever seen
  • stays put on my eyes for several hours
Cons :

  • Not easily available in Pakistan
  • May be Pricey ( 850 pkr ) from some girls.
Price and Availability :

Maybelline lasting drama gel liner is easily available internationally with a price tag of ( 8.99$) . In Pakistan , it is available at Big stores like Naheed, Ebco , Agha's ( Karachi ) for the price tag of Rs. 850 - 900 Pkr.

Do you own Maybelline lasting drama gel liner ? what are your experiences with it ? are you planning to get it ? share your views and thoughts with me :)

Yours truly ,
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Review : Maybelline Color Bloom Color Changing Lip Balm

Hey girls ,

Today i am going to review Maybelline color bloom color changing lip balm in Peach blossom. It is also available in Pink color too.

What does it claims :

New LIP SMOOTH COLOR BLOOM, Maybelline New York's first color changing lip balm! This transparent lip balm changes to your own unique color when applied on the lips. Lips feels soft, smooth and hydrated for up to 6 hours. SPF 16 protection for healthy protected lips.

Packaging : 

It have Maybelling color bloom lip balm in Peach blossom , so its packaging represents the peach color. On the cap it has a very interesting flower design which is really cut . After removing cap you can twist the body to reveal the lip balm. The product is very cute and you can put it in even your smallest clutch or hand helds purses.

The bottom contains shade name , its called peach blossom :

 This is the amount of product you can get in one tube :

My thoughts :

I love the way it makes my lips softer and smoother. It contains Jojoba oil and Vitamin E which nourishes my lips.It has a mild floral fragrance and  almost tasteless. It gives a slightly peachy color to my lips , which lasts up to 3 to 4 hours , after that it leaves a tint of color and all glossiness is gone. The color intensity depends on the heat of your lips. I love the fact that it has a SPF 16 in it , so i love it wear in in day time when i required a less made up yet natural look. I think it would be my favorite product this summer . Here is a swatch of this on my lips :

my camera could not do justice with the beautiful peachy color !!
Jumping towards pros and cons :

Pros :

  • spf 16 protection
  • makes lips softer
  • gives the most natural color to lips
  • cute packaging
Cons :

  • Not available in Pakistan yet

Price & Availability :

Maybelline color bloom lip balm is available for P99 or 150 bahts at all the Watson's store located in Thailand , Taiwan or Philippines .

You can visit Maybelline Philippines facebook page for more information.

Recommendation :

Yes, I would buy this again !!

Do you own any color changing lip balm ? Do you like this review ? Share your thoughts and views with me and Feel free to comment below

Yours truly,

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review : Pure Beauty Jasmine Water BB Cream

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Hey my sweeties , today i am going to review my latest addiction , Pure Beauty Jasmine Water BB cream .. Now i guess most of you did not know much about a bb cream .. a bb cream ( blemish balm cream ) is very famous among Asian ladies these days . Why ?? because it helps to sooth skin and regenerate skin , in the meanwhile it acts as a sunscreen , moisturizer , gives coverage like a foundation. If you want more information about bb creams go here .

I read many reviews about bb creams and feel that every blogger is talking about it . Thats why i decided to get my hands on a bb cream . I asked my fiance ( who was on a tour to Thailand ) to bring me a good bb cream. He bought me Pure beauty Jasmine Water bb cream . At first i just wanted to try it , but now i feel like wearing it every day when going out . I would call it a miracle cream. Why ? find it below :

Packaging : 

The packaging is very cute and classy. It is lilac and have flower patterns all over. It comes in a 30 ml squeeze tube with a silver twist cap. It is easy to carry around and put in your travel bag. The tube is not fully filled with the product . What i feel that there is just 70% of the cream is present in the tube.

On the back side product description , usage , caution and storage information is given . It is readable in the below picture so i do not feel like writing it again .

My thoughts :

Pure beauty Jasmine water bb cream is a  triple action cream, It protects my skin with 30 spf , moisturizes and gives coverage of a foundation..
This is my first bb cream so i can not make any comparisons , I can just give my opinion about this particular cream. I do not have blemishes on my face ( Thank God ) just one of two acne scars and discoloration. This product makes my life easy. Now i just pour a tiny amount of product and apply it with my fingers all over. After that i blend it my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush. and what i get a flawless skin. It gives medium coverage , and a moist look. It feels very light on skin and i feel like wearing no makeup on my skin ( Hurray for that ).
 It dries quickly so you have to work faster otherwise you will get a whitish mask like thing on your face. At first i just wanted to give it a try , but now i feel like wearing it everyday when going out.
I am using this product for a week now on daily basis , it did not break me out till now. It does not give oily look. My skin feels smoother and great after using this. Pure beauty jasmine water bb cream is only available in one shade , which is one notch lighter than my original skin but when blended properly it does not feel lighter. Here is a swatch of this bb cream :

only a drop is enough to cover the whole face
Here i spread it on my hand  :

blended with fingers : with flash
blended : without flash
Jumping towards Pros and Cons :

Pros : 

  • Cute packaging
  • afforable as compare to other bb creams 
  • Blendable
  • medium coverage
  • 30 SPF
  • does not makes my face shiny 
  • makes skin softer
Cons : 

  •  available in only one shade ( tanned people would have problem with this )
  • Not available in Pakistan
  • should have come with flip open cap instead of twist open cap.
Price and Availability :

Pure Beauty Jasmine water BB cream is easily available at all watson's store for around 400 Bahts ( around 1200 Pkr )

My recommendation :

Yes , if you want to skip layers of sun block , moisturizer , foundation from your daily makeup routine and wear only one product.

Do you like this review ? Have you tried this bb cream or any bb cream , share your views with me :)

Just a quick reminder : enter in my giveaway contest to win Sigma beauty miss taylor kabuki brush here .

Yours truly,

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My review copied by another blogger .. !!

Hey girls ... today i am really upset .. because one makeup blogger just copied my blog content without taking permission... this is so disgusting .... !!

This is my original blog post :

And read the other girls review , even she copied my smileys too .. this is so disgusting ..!!

Now you be the judge and decide , what action should i take now ???

Yours truly ..

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And the winner is ......

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Hey girls , I am announcing winner of my 250 followers giveaway contest ( facebook ) , I am very happy for the winner , and please do not lose hope if you could not win this time , better luck next time

And the winner is .....

Sidra i have sent you an email please read it and reply to me with your shipping address within 48 hours otherwise i will select another winner ...

 you can still enter in my another giveaway contest to win sigma flat top miss taylor kabuki brush here .

Yours truly,

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Received another blog award !!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hey girls , I have given this cute butterfly award by  Eunice of Laces and Tiaras . I am very thankful to you pretty girl :)

Rules are pretty simple. Link it back to the one who sent it to you and then pass it on to 7 people. Also i have to write about myself. well .... i am passing this on to some of my favorites blogs :

  1. Girly's beauty
  2. Random beauty by hollie
  3. Glitter is my crack
  4. Make me up girl
  5. Piece of Pie
  6. Beauty expressions : being your own beauty
  7. Look- Flying monkeys
Now i have to write something about myself.. here are some random things about me :

1 . I am 25 , and i am from Pakistan
2. I am a secondary school teacher by profession , i have a masters degree in literature.
3. I am left handed.
4. I love reading books , magazines etc.
5. I am much into computers and internet .. thats my second love.
6. I love playing with colors.
7. My favorite color is pink and i love to have everything pink.
8. My favorite shade of lipstick and blush is also pink .
9. I love kohl pencils .. I can not go out without wearing kohl in my eyes.
10. Nail colors are also my favorite . I love to buy nail colors in bright colors.
11. My eyelashes are naturally thick and long , so i do not use any eyelash curler. Thank God.
12. I am engaged to the man of my dreams.
13. I love travelling :)
14. I love to play online games.
15. I wish i could buy whole lot of Mac , NARS , and urban decay ... thats my biggest wish !!

Thats all for today :) thanks for reading all this .....
stay tuned for more !!

Yours truly,

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review : Rimmel Soft Color Blush in Pink Sugar

Sunday, June 19, 2011
Hey girls, Hope you all are doing good . I am doing a review on my Rimmel london's Soft color blush in Pink Sugar .. I also have it in Coral shade but that looks not so good on my complexion ..more on orange side.
The rimmel soft color blush in Pink sugar is perfect for summers . It is a decent quality everyday blush.

Packaging :

Rimmel Soft color blushers come in plastic packaging , the packaging feels very cheap and inexpensive. but on the otherside it is very handy to put in your purse or clutches .It has a plastic transparent lid, which gets scratches very easily. A small brush is also included but that is of no use. It has rimmel logo embossed on the blusher which looks very classy .. i love this.

On the back side the shade number and amount of product is mentioned. take a look :

My thoughts :

Rimmel blushes are the most affordable and good quality blushes i have ever seen . They are good to use at day time .. As it does not contain too much shimmer or glitter . The color is easily blendable and long lasting too . You can apply it with a light hand to get naturally flushed cheeks and layer it up , wear it as you like.

I prefer to wear it at day time , its a perfect color to wear at day time and gives you a natural glow. Pink sugar is a muted pink color which looks very natural on the cheeks. It has very micro shimmers which gives a radiance to your cheeks.

Swatches : 
With flash

Without flash in natural day light

Jumping towards pros and cons :

Pros :
  • Easily blendable
  • long lasting
  • affordable
  • decent quality
  • natural looking
Cons : 
  • Brush included is of no use
  • plastic lid looks cheap
Price & Availability :

I bought this Blush for Rs. 460 from Imtiaz departmental store located at Nazimabad, Karachi. But it is easily available at rimmel counters at Agha's , Naheed super mart, Ebco and other cosmetics stores.

Recommendation :

Yes , If you are looking for a natural looking blush than this is for you !!

Have you tried Rimmel blushes ? what is your favorite color or shade ? share it with me :)

Signing off,

Yours truly,

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Friday, June 17, 2011

My latest purchases !

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey my sugar plums , happy friday to all of you , if you are connected to me on my Facebook page , you have read about my recent visit to Imtiaz Super store (nazimabad near AO clinic ) . I went there with my cousin sisters for the first time  and i was delighted to see their cosmetics section. They have Counters of different Cosmetics Brands both local and international too. like Rimmel, MGM , Diana of london , Sweet touch , Christine, Golden Rose etc. The SA was very trained and helpful. I did not go there to buy anything then i changed my mind and these things came back with me :)

  • Rimmel Soft color blush in Pink Sugar 101 - Price Rs. 460
  • Christine Single eyeshadow - Rs. 50 
  • Diana of london super long wear eyeliner in blackest black - Rs. 360

I was looking for a everyday blush and at rimmel counter i swatched different blushers on my cheeks and found this one the most natural looking blush. 
loved the rimmel logo embossed on it

I also swatched a few christine eyeshadows there . I was looking for a satin finish Khaki eyeshadow to wear on my eyes . Thats why i bought this :

It does not contain any sparkles or glitter in it . And when applied wet it lasted on my eyes for good 4 to 5 hours. its cheap too only 50 Rs.

I have used this eyeliner pencil before and i love how easily it glides on and stay put on eyes. My dazzmatazz eyepencil was almost finished now ..thats why i picked up this one ...i have not used it until now ..i will do a post on it .very soon

Thats all for today girls enjoy your weekend ...and share your shopping experiences with me :)

Stay blessed and Happy,

Yours truly,


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review : Schwarzkopf Osis+ Flatliner Serum

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Hello to all the gorgeous ladies out there !!

I am going through a "Straightening" phase of my life , and i am trying each possible way to get my hair straight. My natural hairs are wavy in texture . I like them the way they are, but nowadays i have this straigtening fever on my mind .... so girls !! stay tuned and expect more straight reviews on straightening products straight from my heart ;) hhahah ... i am enjoying what i just wrote. Coming back to the topic.

I went Chase up departmental store few days back. I was in search of a straightening serum , thats why i bought Schwarzkopf Osis+ Flatliner Serum . I bought it for Rs. 780 Pkr ...

Brand :
Schwarzkopf ( dont know how to pronounce it lol)  is a leading brand which offers a wide range of hair care & styling products. I also have a hair spray from this brand , and i pretty much like it.
You can visit their website here.

Packaging :

 I really like its packaging. It comes in a spritz shiny metallic bottle which contains 200ml of the product. It is very easy to hold and use. A lock system is given on the nozzle so you can close it to prevent any accidential wastage of the product.

You can see the lock and open written on its nozzle area.

Product Information:

Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum. Sleek. Strong Control.

Osis Flatliner Iron Serum Spray for ultra flat styles. Heat stable ingredients up to 200°C and also a humidity protector for 30% longer lasting results.


- Ultra flat control
- 200°C heat proof ingredients
- Long lasting ultra flat shiny, silky looking hair
- Humidity protection

My Thoughts :

I used this serum yesterday to get my hairs straight , I sprayed it all over my hairs and let it dry on its own for few minutes. Then i used a hair straightener and it makes straightening way easy for me. I helps in straightening and also keeps my hairs straight for more than 10 hours . Needless to say that,  Its meant to be used for straightening purpose only.

 I am pretty much satisfied with this product. It does not make my hairs dry or frizzy , it also protects hairs for heat damage . It makes my hairs straight without making them stiff or rough. I noticed that my straightener was  gliding more easily and producing better results with this serum. It has a strong smell but it just disappeared after few minutes.

Jumping towards the pros and cons :


  • makes straightening easy and quicker
  • makes hairs shiny
  • hairs looks more shiny and healthy
  • affordable price
  • easy to use 
  • protection lock on the nozzle
  • provides protection from heat damage
  • meant for straightening purpose only

  • Excess amount of spray can weigh down your hairs
  • strong smell
Bottom line :

This product worked for me . I am using this regularly to get my hairs straighted. You can not use this product alone. You need to use a straightener with it. It makes straightening process way more easy and produces better results . I would recommend it to those who are looking for a straightening serum or spray .
its easily available at most of the cosmetics stores nationwide and internationally.

Have you ever tried this product ? what are your views ? Feel free to comment below :)

 Yours truly,

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mini Haul !!

Monday, June 13, 2011
Hey girls !! Yesterday i went to Chase departmental store to buy some skin and hair care products . I bought few products from there . Take a look at these :

  • Vaseline aloe fresh hydrating body lotion - Rs. 155 Pkr ( its my all time favorite body lotion )
  • Garnier Light brightening scrub wash - Rs. 285 pkr
  • Schwarzkopf osis + Flatliner sleek spray - Rs. 750 - 780 ( i forgot its exact price )
  • She body spray in Cool . Rs. 185

I bought Schwarzkopf spray for the first time , I wanted a straightening spray to use with my straightener . I would review it after using it for sometimes. Schwarzkopf is a trusted brand for hair care products. So it should not disappoint me :).
She body spray is one of my favorites. I was previously it in Crazy . I like all four variants of it. I also Bought Garnier light brightening scrub wash for the first time . Lets see how it well does it perform , then i will review it for all my sugar plums out there.
Write in to me , if you want me to review any of these products for you or if you have any queries in your mind . I would love to help you out .

Have you tried any of these products ? what are your experiences ? share them with me :)

signing off,
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

NOTD : Femina Nail Color in Teal

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey girls , i have tried a new nail color brand Femina Cosmetics. I have heard so many good thing about their nail colors and eye shadows . I was in search of a pretty teal nail color and i was delighted to see that Femina has a very good collection of vibrant nail colors. I bought this nail color for Rs. 90 Pkr . I applied two coats of this nail color without any top or base coat. Take a look how it looks on my nails :

its original teal color , its remind me of peacocks !!

The teal color is very happening and it has a metallic finish which i am loving the most. It dries quickly and consistency is medium unlike other nail colors of this brand which i tried at the cosmetics shop.

Its applicator is just average . Thats why you can see a little mess around my nail bed.

Its color number is given below can you see this its F-1307:

I am planning to get a few more shades from Femina nail colors . Its packaging is cute too.

Jumping towards cons and pros :

Pros : 

  • Affordable
  • metallic finish
  • consistency is good
  • vibrant colors
  • available at cosmetic stores easily
Cons :

  •  Applicator is not so good
  • not long lasting
Have you tried Femina nail colors before ? Share your thoughts and views with me . I heart your comments :)

Yours truly,
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