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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giveaway at syry-online: enter now

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Hey lovely gals :)

Syry online is hosting a fabulous giveaway at her blog :

enter now :) Here 

signing off,

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Varnish Vixen Spring Giveaway

Hey gals, Varnish Vixen is hosting a giveaway on her blog :

You can enter it here , by simply entering a form :

See what you can win from this giveaway :

Good luck to you gals :)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleanser Review

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Hey Girls , Most of us have oily skin and have Acne or breakouts problem. Summer is just ahead and i thought that i should share my thoughts about my favorite cleanser . Its Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleanser. I just love it :)

As you all know that Neutrogena is one of the leading brand in skin care . They always produce some very good products for acne prone oily skin. 

Who should use this ?

Neutrogena pink grapefruit Oil free facial cleanser is just perfect for the girls who has acne prone combination to oily skin and they wants shine free look during hot days of summer . 

MY Views :

 I really like its packaging as it comes with a pump , so no chance of wasting.The texture of this cleanser is like a clear transparent gel with just a hint of pinkish color in it.You can see it here:

This cleanser really helps me to give that shine free look every time i wash my face with it. My skin feels instantly cleansed and refreshed . It prevents breakouts as it has Salicylic acid as an active ingredient in it . 
 It has a fruity scent , but i do not like its scent . ( may be most of the girls will disagree with me ) but 
i really do not like its smell. its too much for me. 
It comes with a price tag of 500-525 pkr. and available at almost all leading stores both nationwide and internationally .


Affordable price 
Oil Free formula
clears blemishes
prevents and clear acne
gives shine free look


it can cause dryness if used during dry and cold weather, but using a moisturizer after it would help.

i do not like its scent .
Over all this is a very good cleanser to be used if you have acne prone combination to oily skin.

Share your experiences and thoughts about this cleanser with me !!!

Signing off,
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: Sweet Touch Sparkling Dust

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Hey gals !! Today i am going to review my most favorite sparkling dust eyeshadow by Sweet touch . Sweet Touch Cosmetics is getting popular day by day among Pakistani girls as they offer a variety of shades to choose  from. Few Months back i went to Chase departmental store, i was testing and checking  some products around as usual and then i came across this little pot of eye shadow.

It was available in three to four different shades like brown , bronze and pink . But i liked this particular shade alot. i swatched it , and i instantly fallen in love with the well pigmented color and two toned color of this sparkling dust. It has two tones pink and gold, and  i simply love it .

 its a loose pigment thats why it is multi purpose. i use it as an eyeshadow, highlighter and sometimes i just dust it over my blush on to gives an extra shimmery look , Trust me, its a very beautiful color and gives best results :)
Heres a swatch of this Sparkling dust :

You can use it both dry and wet . I prefer it wet when using as an eyeshadow as it lasts longer that way :)

I bought this for Rs. 200 pkr ( single pot ) from chase departmental store .

What i like about it ?
gorgeous color, well pigmented, long lasting , multi purpose, affordable price tag, easily available.

what i do not like about it ?
well the colour should be more long lasting with out any eye shadow base :)

Have you ever tried this sparkling dust ? Share your experiences 

Signing off,
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Review: In2it Color liquid Eyeliner in Navy Blue

Hey Girls , Have you noticed that i do more reviews on eyeliners ?? Yes i proudly confess that i love eye liners and kohls. I also dare to use different colors other than brown and black to line my eyes. Color liners looks funky and really makes your eyes stand out.
Today I am going to review yet another great product from In2it Cosmetics. Its a liquid eyeliner in Navy Blue color. 

Its a gorgeous navy blue color with some fine glitters present in it which looks lovely at night time. Its a perfect color to pair with pale pink lips or peachy lips. It best compliments my dark brown eyes and gives an instant new life to them :) What i like most about this eyeliner that it has a wonderful applicator , so its a delight to draw a line around your eyes with it. As you can see here :
Here is a swatch of this eyeliner:
I have also done an EOTD post wearing this eyeliner , you can read that here
Pigmented color, does not smudge, does not bleed, does not fade, very affordable, long lasting, dries out faster, nice applicator tip, no fragrance.

Not available in Pakistan. 

( yes  only con i have found yet ) if it would be available in Pakistan i would try more colors of this eyeliner.In2it cosmetics are more likely to be available at all the leading pharmacies and departmental stores of  Thailand, Philippines, China etc

Have you tried this eyeliner ? like this review ? kindly let me know ???

signing off,
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Review : Christine Cake Eye Liner in Dark Brown

Monday, March 28, 2011
Hey lovely girls , i would like you to know that i am obssessed with eye makeup products, specially liners and kohl pencils. I admit that i just love to collect eye liners . Mostly i prefer cake and pencil eyeliners just because they are easy to apply and gives a very natural and soft look. For day time makeup and everyday look, i prefer Brown color eye liner , as it looks natural and gives a very soft look to your whole makeup.

I was searching for a good brown color cake liner and then i purchased Christine cake eye liner. Christine is a famous brand in Pakistan, I have seen their products using in most of the leading beauty parlors of Karachi. Their  products are quit economical and gives good results too. Here you can visit their website for more information about their products.

CHristine cake eye liner is available in upto 20 wide range of colors. I have it in shade Brown. This particular shade is a dark chocolate brown shade. i like the packaging , its comes with a rounded plastic case with a seperate cover. . It does not come with any applicator or brush . You have to buy it separately.

To use this cake eye liner , just dip your liner brush into water and then into cake liner pot, pick up some colour and use accordingly your need and choice, you can build up the color according to your need .Heres a swatch,

This cake liner has good staying power , i regularly use this liner in my everyday routine makeup , and it doesnt smudge or fades easily , until you remove it with water or with any makeup remover. This little pot will last forever as a very little quantity is required .

I am quite happy with its result, its affordable too , i bought my cake liner for 200 Pkr.

Share your experiences with this cakeliner ??? Feel free to write your views on it.

Signing off ,
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Dazzmatazz Define & Design Eye Pencil in Black

Sunday, March 27, 2011
hey gals , hope you all are enjoying your day :) 
today i am going to review an eye pencil , its called dazzmatazz define & design eye pencil. image taken from dazzmatazz website:

i was in search of a new eye pencil, i went to buy karaja eye pencil , but that was not available at that time , then i went to dazzmatazz corner, i swatched a few products there , and liked them , specially the lip colors, and nail colors.
then i tried this pencil and really liked the softness of its tip and the intense black color it gave me on the very first stroke :) i bought this pencil immediately :)

its now a month that i am using this eye pencil on regular basis , as i am a great great fan of kohl :) and it does not disappoint me yet :) i am very happy that i  bought this :)
i am very impressed with its quality and staying power on my so oily eye lids and inner eye rim , yes i do apply it both as a eye liner and as a kohl/kajal too. 
the color of this eye pencil is very intense black, it gives a sudden depth to your eyes .here is a swatch of this pencil , just one stroke :

Swatch as a kohl pencil :

you can visit dazzmatazz website here for more details, they  claims that it is smudge proof up to 15 hours , but in my case it lasts up to 8 hours !! , after that you have to re apply  for more finished look.

pros :long lasting ,sharpens easily , very soft tip, smudge proof , lasts up to 5 to 6 hours for me with out giving panda eyes look, very affordable price ( 275 - 300 pkr )

cons : only available in black colour, not water proof

my recommendation : yes , i will surely buy this again and again :)

Do you like this review ? share your experiences with this eye pencil with me :)

signing off,
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: In2it Eye colour Palette

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Hey Girls !!

I m very excited today as this is my first review :) hope you will like it . today i am reviewing In2it eye color palette. My friend bought me this on his latest visit to thailand.. he bought this from watson's store in Bangkok.
In2it is a new brand , which is very popular in countries like Philippines and Thailand , though its not available in Pakistan , I hope it will be available in couple of month or year :) as i want to get more products of this brand.

The packaging is really cute as you can see , its a compact square shape box with white upper case . the upper case has silver swirl like design on it , which gives very elegant and cute appearance, it comes with a handy mirror inside , so you can easily apply eyeshadows .No applicator is present there.
There are four waves like compartment , by which each eyeshadow is seperated. i really like this style . 

The eye shadows are really amazing, they are very pigmented and have fine shimmer  as you can see in the photos, They are long lasting and with out using any eyeshadow base or primer , they worked for me for at least 6 to 8 hours. 

The first color of this palette is a bone white color . i use it as a high lighter.
the second color is a dull gold colour  . i am in love with this color ,
third one is beige color you can use it as day time eye shadow. it goes with every look and dress.
the third color is very intense and more pigmented than the other fellow colors. its a brownish copper color with very fine shimmer in it, I am really satisfied with this Palette and use it in my daily makeup routine :) . One more thing i like about this product that they have written its expiry date on the back , so you it will be easy for you when you have to trash it.

Jumping towards pros and cons

compact design , pigmented colors, long lasting

cons : 
it does not come with any applicator, not available in Pakistan

Do you like this brand and product ? do let me know :)
signing off,
Jeeya :)

Do you like this review ?
Feel free to Comment :) :)

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