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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Dazzmatazz Define & Design Eye Pencil in Black

Sunday, March 27, 2011
hey gals , hope you all are enjoying your day :) 
today i am going to review an eye pencil , its called dazzmatazz define & design eye pencil. image taken from dazzmatazz website:

i was in search of a new eye pencil, i went to buy karaja eye pencil , but that was not available at that time , then i went to dazzmatazz corner, i swatched a few products there , and liked them , specially the lip colors, and nail colors.
then i tried this pencil and really liked the softness of its tip and the intense black color it gave me on the very first stroke :) i bought this pencil immediately :)

its now a month that i am using this eye pencil on regular basis , as i am a great great fan of kohl :) and it does not disappoint me yet :) i am very happy that i  bought this :)
i am very impressed with its quality and staying power on my so oily eye lids and inner eye rim , yes i do apply it both as a eye liner and as a kohl/kajal too. 
the color of this eye pencil is very intense black, it gives a sudden depth to your eyes .here is a swatch of this pencil , just one stroke :

Swatch as a kohl pencil :

you can visit dazzmatazz website here for more details, they  claims that it is smudge proof up to 15 hours , but in my case it lasts up to 8 hours !! , after that you have to re apply  for more finished look.

pros :long lasting ,sharpens easily , very soft tip, smudge proof , lasts up to 5 to 6 hours for me with out giving panda eyes look, very affordable price ( 275 - 300 pkr )

cons : only available in black colour, not water proof

my recommendation : yes , i will surely buy this again and again :)

Do you like this review ? share your experiences with this eye pencil with me :)

signing off,

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