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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarak to All !!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Assalam o Elaikum !! I would like to wish all my Muslim Fellows out there a Happy Eid Mubarak ..

For me Eid is incomplete without Henna & Bangles ...

I just love the fragrance of Henna ... What do you think girls ?
And who can forget these lovely bangles .....
I just love to wear bangles on Eid day ..

Share your Eid day preparations with me ? and also share what do you like to wear on Eid day ? and how do you spend your eid day ...

Yours truly,
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Monday, August 29, 2011

I made it to 100 posts ......... Oh really !!

Monday, August 29, 2011
A warm hello to all my lovely readers and followers out there ... i just realized that i have written my 100th blog post last week ... can you believe it .. ?

Its really a special moment for my ... I started writing my blog back in March 2011 , and i am humbled my all the love and support you all given to me in such a short period of time .. i want to thank you all for this ... !!

On this special occassion , i want you all to travel with me in past and take a sneak peak at some of my posts that are really close to my heart :

I would like to honor you all by inviting you to enter my current GIVEAWAY contest ..

Stay connected girls and keep sharing your love with me :) . I will continue sharing my thoughts with you all

Love you all,


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Review : Neo Cosmo Edge Hazel Circle Lens by

Monday, August 22, 2011
Hey girls , Today i am going to review Neo Cosmo Edge Hazel Lens sent to me by . They sent  these babies covered safely with lots of bubble wraps in a cute red colored pouch which have written Thankyou all over it and a free lens case with foot marks on it .. ( really cute)

I soaked my lenses in lens solution for 6 hours before wearing them...
It can be seen clearly that it has two tones hazel mix with brown...

                                                                  Fast facts :
                                                           Diameter : 14.2 mm
                                                           Base Curve : 8.6 mm
                                                          Water Content : 45 %
                                                           Life Span : 1 year : Online Store Review :
Lensvillage is one of the largest circle lens online store. They provide a vast collection of leading Korean lenses to their customers. They sell 100% authentic lenses or money back guarantee. Their customer service is very efficient in replying to all your queries within 24 hours . They ships worldwide.
You can visit their WEBSITE or connect to them on FACEBOOK for more information.

Lets move on to the lens it self ....

One in One out : enlargement effect is good
natural light
indoor lighting

direct sun light : please excuse me !!my eyes are squinting  a bit in sun light

At night : with flash
My thoughts :
I really wanted to try hazel brown lenses on myself. That is why i selected Neo cosmo edge hazel ( also known as Neo Cosmo Sunflower Hazel ). These lenses has two tones of hazel and brown along with black outer ring which makes the whole appearance very natural and the color blends beautifully with my dark brown eyes and looks really natural. But the brown has some red in it too , that is why they looks a bit freaky when i took pictures with flash. Over all , these lenses are very comfortable and does not causes any irritation or heaviness , even after 8 hours !!

Comfort ( 9 out of 10 ) :
These lenses are really comfortable . You should know that Neo Cosmo lenses are known for their comfort level. You can easily wear them for up to 8 hours. The lenses are a bit thinner than my usual lenses ( as compared to EOS and Beuberry ones i have )

Design & Color : ( 8 out of 10 )
These are two tones hazel brown lenses with sun flower kind of pattern in the middle and a rough black outer ring . These lenses are meant to give out a natural look . And that is what they deliver successfully. The color hazel some times looks reddish specially when you took pictures with flash , so look out for that if you are going to wear these at night parties.

Enlargement : ( 8 out of 10 )
These lenses are 14.2 mm in diameter. That is why the enlargement effect is moderate . So do not expect  dolly eye kind of look from these. You can achieve minimum enlargement effect without going over board. If you are looking for a decent enlargement , these are for you ..

Over all, I am really happy that i was sent these lenses for review purpose . They gives a soft and sweet look to my face and looks really natural on me.

If you want to get these lenses for your self please visit and join them on FACEBOOK too. Enter Code : 10JEEYA to avail 10% discount on your order !!
So what are you waiting for ???? go and get them now !!

Disclaimer : This review contains PR sample(s) sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

If you like this review please like me on FACEBOOK , join me on TWITTER or subscribe to me via RSS feeds, thanks for reading !!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review : EOS Max Misty Grey Circle Lens By

Saturday, August 20, 2011
Hey girls , Circle lenses are my new addiction as it is obvious from my recent posts , I was sent EOS max misty grey circle lenses for review purpose by . They also provide free animal cases with every pair of lenses. Lets have a look on these babies ...

How they look inside the vials ...
soaking in lens solution

                                                         EOS Max Misty Grey Lens

                                                                          Fast Facts : 

                          Diameter              :  14.5 mm
                          Water Content     :   38 - 45 %
                                                           Base Curve         :   8.6
                                                            Life Span           :   One Year

Now lets see how they look on my Eyes in different lighting :

One in One out ...
Enlargement is obvious !!
Natural Day light :
Direct Sunlight :
Indoor with Flash :
these are my own lashes !!
Indoor Soft light :
Different Angles :
close up from different angles
My thoughts :
I am pretty much impressed with the color , design and comfort these lenses provide. It seems to be impossible to gather all of them in one , but it is provided my EOS max misty grey circle lenses. The color grey looks equally beautiful in day and night light.It does not look freaky with or with out flash. The design is very pretty and what i love most is that it has a black outer most ring and grey spikes in the middle which blends really well with the inner brown ring . Despite the fact that these are a bit thicker than my other lenses , they are the most comfortable lenses too .

Comfort : ( 10 out of 10 )
Why i gave full marks ??? Just because, I have been wearing these lenses for 7 to 8 hours daily , but i did not feel any itchiness or dryness. Even i did not need any comfort drops with it. Even i did not face any blurriness in vision too.

Color & Design : (9.9 out of 10)
The design is not very unique but what makes it perfect ? the darker outer most black ring and the perfect blending of colors inside . The color grey is very unique and does not look freaky with flash. It looks beautiful and natural in day time too.

Enlargement : (9 out of 10)
With 14.5 mm of diameter , it does not gives extra ordinary enlargment , but it is perfect for me as i do not prefer doll-eye or emo kind of look. If you are looking for a subtle and natural looking lenses with adequate enlargement , these lenses are a right choice for you.

Dbeautyshop - Online Store Review: 
Dbeauty shop is an online store selling Korean circle lenses and face masks. They have a wide collection of popular brands like Geo, EOS and Neo Vision. They also offer toric lenses and halloween lenses. They are paypal verified seller. so you donot have to worry about your money. They ships really fast worldwide. I got my lenses within 7 days here in Pakistan. I would highly recommend this store to you !!

You can visit their website and facebook page for more information.

Giveaway Reminder : also sponsored a giveaway contest for my blog. Kindly enter it here before 30th september 2011 and win an exciting gift set including circle lenses of your choice.

Disclaimer : This review contains PR sample(s) sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Neo Cosmo 4 Tones Queen Grey Circle Lens

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Hey girls , i am back with another review of circle lens. Neo Cosmo 4 Tones Queen Grey Circle Lens are in spotlight today !! I was sent these lenses for review by .

This is how they look in the lens case

Fast facts :

Water Content
1 year (Yearly)

Koreabigeyes : Online Store Review :
koreabigeyes is a online store selling Korean circle lenses at competitive price. They ships worldwide, and their correspondent replies to your queries . I would really like to recommend them as they are reliable and selling KFDA authorized circle lenses. You can connect to them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER as well.

FYI , i did not apply too much makeup as i wanted to focus on the beauty of these lenses.Now let me proceed to lens itself...

One in - One Out
In natural lighting
facing window - in direct sunlight
at night - with flash
more detailed view !!
My thoughts :
I wanted to try a natural looking circle lenses for myself , that is why i selected Neo Cosmo 4 Tones Queen Grey . The color is very subtle and blends really well with my dark brown eyes. It gives minimum enlargement , but as they are meant to look natural . I am okay with it. The outer ring is not exactly full black , that is why they look really natural and pretty. The middle of the lens have two tones of grey and the last circle is yellowish brown towards pupil hole . All colors blends really well into each other and enhances the beauty of these babies..

Comfort : ( 8.5 out of 10 )
These lenses are comfortable to wear, but i felt a bit dryness in my eyes after 4-5 hours. I put some comfort drops in my eyes and they are back to normal again . I would recommend you to please keep comfort drops with you as you can also face the same thing. I did not feel any itchiness or redness , even after continuous wearing of 8 hours. 

Color & Design : ( 9.5 out of 10)
These are 4 tones circle lenses and i am glad that i selected these. I really like the color blending , it looks very natural and subtle. The color grey is very pretty and does not make you appear like a freaky person.They would not look freaky in pictures , even with flash lights. so you can wear them to night parties as well. I think people who want natural looking lenses would really love these..!!

Enlargement : (8 out of 10)
These lenses are 14.2 mm in diameter and they will not give you EMO kind of eyes or doll-eye look , but they are perfect for those who wants enlargement without going overboard. As i am not a daring person , these lenses are up to my mark. and i am in love with these.

Conclusion :
I really like these lenses because they blends really well with my eyes and changes my eye color without going overboard.
You can buy these lenses from koreabigeyes here for $27.

Do you own any circle lenses ? What is your favorite color in circle lenses ? Please feel free to comment below with your suggestion.

Disclaimer : This review contains PR sample(s) sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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Review: Beuberry Diva Violet circle lens & Aqmore Nail colors

Hey girls , Today i am going to review my first circle lens, that is why i am pretty much excited. These circle lenses are sent to me by ,They sent me Beuberry Diva Violet circle lenses for review purpose.Uniqso is an online store that sells circle lenses and nail colors .

Fast Facts :
 Diameter                 :  16mm

Base Curve
:  8.6mm

Water Content
:  55%
Replacement Period

:  12 months

Online Store Review :

Uniqso is a malaysian based online store which sells Korean manufactured circle lenses and nail colors. They claims to sell unique and safe beauty items such as healthy nail polish namely AQmore & fancy yet safe to use color lens. Their PR correspondent responds so quickly and listens to your suggestions as well.They ships really fast worldwide. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information

Let me proceed to the lens itself ....
One in - One out ( Enlargement effect is great )
day light - facing window
the design is very unique and pretty
Indoor lighting with FLASH
Indoor lighting - without flash

more detailed view !!

Color \ Design : ( 9.5 out of 10 )
The color itself is very gorgeous. Its a true violet color and the design adds beauty to it. It has black outer ring which gives certain depth and enhances its design and color. That is why color and design is noticeable also from a distance. I would not have been selected this color for me because i think it is too daring for me. But i like it how it comes out in pictures . These lenses are for those who likes to wear prominent colors lenses. My choice is more natural looking ones. But i would probably be using it my next EOTD's or will be wearing them for parties. The color comes out more towards blue when you take pictures at night with flash and may look freaky . So look out for that.

Comfortability : ( 9.9 out of 10 )
Beuberry is a brand name which honestly i never heard before, but i am really surprised to see that these lenses are very comfortable. Even though these lenses are a bit thicker than my other lenses , but i did not feel any itchiness or dryness while wearing them . I wear these regularly for 4 to 5 hours just to check their comfort level . But i did not have any problem with them.

Enlargement : ( 10 out of 10 )
With 16mm of their diameter they can really gives you huge eye effect.If you are looking for doll-eyes or Emo kinda eyes. these will really work for you . But according to my personal taste , these are too much for me. I would it for those who really wants noticeable enlargement to their eyes.

Conclusion :
Over all , these lenses are comfy , gives overwhelming enlargement, and design is really pretty. If you are an in-style kinda girl , then these circle lenses will really work for you
You can buy these circle lenses for 15.90 US dollars from

Jumping towards the next product , they also included two nail colors AQmore seeweed and AQmore Angel by AQmore, lets find out what is so unique about them :

they send me these in a cute box
AQmore Nail Colors :
AQmore nail colors are water-based , uses the most natural ingredients. They do not contains harsh chemicals like acetonetoluene or formaldehyde . Do you know , these nail colors are peelable too . Just dip your nails in warm water for 20-30 seconds and it will come off easily. It stays on my nails for 4 days without chipping off. The colors are opaque too. Just two coats are enough.

shade : seaweed
It is a dark emarald green shade , which looks absolutely gorgeous on my nails , i applied two coats of it , without any base coat or top coat.

Top coat : Angel
I used AQmore Angel , on half of my nails over Seaweed . Angel is a transparent polish with white and silver glitters . which looks absolutely gorgeous, as you can see in above picture.

You can buy AQmore Nail polishes at  here. There are several shades available.

What do you like most about this review ? Do you own any circle lens ? What  do you think about these lenses ? Kindly feel free to comment below.

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review : Liz Earle Instant boost skin tonic Spritzer

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey my sugar plums ,

 After using  Liz Earle Hot cloth Cleanse & Polish ( read review here ) before , i really wanted to try few more of products of Liz Earle , their correspondent is a lovely women and she sent me another  product for me to try and do a review. Actually Liz earle instant boost skin tonic is the second step after cleansing your face with their hot cloth cleanser. She asked me to choose between spritzer and bottle and i instantly decided to choose spritzer for me , just because spritzer are more convenient to use than regular bottles. So want to know that how did i find product ?? Scroll down please ....

Product Information :

According to their website :

This heavenly floral-scented, non-drying toner refreshes, soothes and brightens your skin. Gentle and alcohol-free, it also adds a fine layer of moisture.
Pour onto a cotton wool pad and sweep over face and neck after using Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Alternatively spritz over face and body to revitalise at any time.
Naturally active ingredients include organic aloe vera to revitalise and soften and calendula, chamomile, cucumber and natural source vitamin E to soothe and refresh the skin.
             Suitable for all skin types

 How to Use :
Instant Boost Skin Tonic is the essential second stage of your daily regime:
Moisten a cotton wool pad and sweep over face and neck every morning and night after cleansing with Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser or using one of our special treatment masks. Whether your skin is dehydrated, oily, dull or congested, the nourishing and brightening botanicals will help to leave your skin feeling soft and looking fresh for longer. It also primes your skin perfectly for your choice of Liz Earle Moisturiser.
Alternatively spritz over face and body to revitalise at any time. The fine mist can even be used over make-up.
list of ingredients

My thoughts : 

The packaging of this product is exactly same like hot & cloth cleanser. I am glad that i selected spritzer for myself , because i am too lazy to use cotton wipes and then throw them ( sorry ladies , but i am !! ) So the spritzer is the best option for me . So i can also carry it around while travelling and use it without any hassle.
spritzer flows skin tonic evenly

I am using this product daily every morning and night for a week now. After cleansing with hot & cloth cleanser , i splash my face with cold water then then spritz this tonic on my face and let it dry on its own. Just two to three pumps are enough. It closes my pores after cleansing and leaves my skin more soft and supple. In the morning , i feel lazy that is why i skip the cleansing step and just wash my face with facial  foam and then spritz this tonic on my face. It provides me a good start for my day time makeup.
I also use it as a makeup setting spray after using my mineral loose powders . and i noticed that it helps face powders and loose mineral powders to stay put on a bit longer. My skin feels healthy looking .
It does not feels sticky on skin and gets absorbed into skin after few minutes. It has a mild floral smell , which is very refreshing and is another plus point for me. More important this is that it is suitable for all skin types and made specially for sensitive skins. Jumping towards pros and cons:

Pros :

  • it smells good
  • non sticky formula
  • made with natural ingredients
  • makes skin soft and supple
  • spritzer bottle
  • Alcohol free

  • Expensive( 200ml available for £12.00 )

Price & Availability:
    My recommendation :

    Yes , I will surely recommend this , If you are really looking for a product made with natural ingredients and if its price tag do not bother you !!.

    Liz Earle Intant boost skin tonic is available for £12.00 on Liz Earle's Website. They ships world wide.
    You can also visit their Facebook page for more details.

    Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

    Do you like this review ? What do you think of this product ? Feel free to comment below !!

    Yours truly,

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    Monday, August 15, 2011

    monavé Mineral Cosmetics : Review & Swatches

    Monday, August 15, 2011
    Hey girls ,

    Happy Independence Day to all my Pakistani fans and followers. I wanted to do a Independence day NOTD post but could not because my system got infected by a malware. I just hope that it will be fine in a couple of days .. ( please pray for it )
    Few days back i received few samples from Monave Mineral Cosmetics to review on my blog. They asked me to select few shades from their range of cosmetics and then they send samples in sifter jars .let me introduce Monavé mineral cosmetics to you :

    Monavé Mineral Cosmetics: 

    According to their website :
    Mineral Makeup by Monavé is makeup that you can trust. Full ingredient disclosure reveals a product line based in whole, organic botanical ingredients, and completely gluten-free formulas that are 95% vegan. Monavé has never engaged in animal testing, and chooses the highest quality mineral makeup ingredients, not simply for the press, but for the health and performance of the products. As always, all products are free of paraben preservatives, dyes, and bismuth oxychloride. Monave Mineral Makeup also believes that all women deserve high quality, natural makeup, so Monavé has a wide array of shades for all complexions, lifestyles and ages.
     Loose Mineral Foundations :

    Product Description:

    Monave loose mineral makeup foundation is extremely versatile, and can be applied dry with a flat-top foundation brush or mixed with a facial moisturizer for sensitive or dry skin. Our mineral foundation has complete coverage and full spectrum sunscreen, and oil control properties. No separate concealer or powder is needed in most cases.

    My thoughts :

    I was  asked to select two shades of  loose mineral foundations. I selected Shade Sandra and tan girl . Sandra is the closest match for my complexion , however tan girl is a bit darker and has yellow undertones. The Loose mineral foundations are very fine texture and has matte finish and they blends easily, it gives natural coverage. I applied this using my F80 flat top kabuki brush. and it is easy to apply too. You can also mix it with your favorite moisturizer or toner to achieve more natural look. Lasting power is adequate , i needed to re apply it after 4 hours.
    I got few compliments from my fellows when i applied this for the first time . My friends asked me that what i have applied to my face . Nobody could guess that i am wearing any foundation.
    here is a swatch of these mineral foundations on my hand :

    shade : tan girl : loose mineral foundation

    shade: sandra , loose mineral foundation

    Setting Powder:
    Monave setting powders are a silky blend of the lightest minerals with just a touch of clay. Applied after foundation, the powders will aid in oil absorption, as well as add a smooth, matte, "finished" touch to your look. These powders can also be used as "face powders" for women who need very light coverage, used in place of foundation.

    My thoughts :

    I selected shade Tawny for myself. It is a perfect match for me . it gives a no shine look when applied after foundation. It also sets your makeup , i used it with my kryolan tv stick and got the perfect results , i am very impressed with its performance. It absorbs extra oil from your face. It looks natural and does not leaves a whitish cast on your face . Most important thing is , it is made my mineral ingredients. Here is a swatch of this on my hand :

    shade : tawny
    Monave Mineral Blush & Eye shadows :

    I selected Monave blush in shade star lilly , it has semi - matte finish with micro sparkles in it . It is a warm pink shade with lilac under tones and looks great on my warm complexion. The micro sparkles looks great when applied and gives a soft look both in day or night time . It blends easily , and needs a light hand to apply. It stays put on for atleast 5 hours in my case without fading.
    I also selected two Monave mineral versatile powders in Turquoise  and Light Gold. Turquoise is a beautiful true turquoise shade with subtle gold shimmer . The color can be build up according to your need. But staying power is adequate. It starts fading after few hours when applied without any eyeshadow base. Light Gold is my favorite shade it is a neutral shade of Gold , which does not look too yellow or orange , it also has micro specks in it which looks beautiful . This particular shade does not last longer on my eyes.
    I also received Monave Semi- matte eyeshadow in Tierra Medium. It is a great shade for day time makeup and staying power is good too . I also used it for contouring my nose and it did well in that way too/ Here is a swatch of all these on my hands :

    (Left to Right ) : Turquoise, Light gold, Star Lilly, Tierra Medium

    What i like most about these cosmetics that you can also order sample products if you are not sure what color will suits you best. You can visit Monave Mineral Cosmetics here. They ships worldwide.

    Disclaimer : This review contains PR sample(s) sent for review . I delivered 100% honest opinion on these products.

    What do you think about this review ? Kindly comment below and let me know about your suggestions and opinions .

    Yours Truly,

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