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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Neo Cosmo 4 Tones Queen Grey Circle Lens

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Hey girls , i am back with another review of circle lens. Neo Cosmo 4 Tones Queen Grey Circle Lens are in spotlight today !! I was sent these lenses for review by .

This is how they look in the lens case

Fast facts :

Water Content
1 year (Yearly)

Koreabigeyes : Online Store Review :
koreabigeyes is a online store selling Korean circle lenses at competitive price. They ships worldwide, and their correspondent replies to your queries . I would really like to recommend them as they are reliable and selling KFDA authorized circle lenses. You can connect to them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER as well.

FYI , i did not apply too much makeup as i wanted to focus on the beauty of these lenses.Now let me proceed to lens itself...

One in - One Out
In natural lighting
facing window - in direct sunlight
at night - with flash
more detailed view !!
My thoughts :
I wanted to try a natural looking circle lenses for myself , that is why i selected Neo Cosmo 4 Tones Queen Grey . The color is very subtle and blends really well with my dark brown eyes. It gives minimum enlargement , but as they are meant to look natural . I am okay with it. The outer ring is not exactly full black , that is why they look really natural and pretty. The middle of the lens have two tones of grey and the last circle is yellowish brown towards pupil hole . All colors blends really well into each other and enhances the beauty of these babies..

Comfort : ( 8.5 out of 10 )
These lenses are comfortable to wear, but i felt a bit dryness in my eyes after 4-5 hours. I put some comfort drops in my eyes and they are back to normal again . I would recommend you to please keep comfort drops with you as you can also face the same thing. I did not feel any itchiness or redness , even after continuous wearing of 8 hours. 

Color & Design : ( 9.5 out of 10)
These are 4 tones circle lenses and i am glad that i selected these. I really like the color blending , it looks very natural and subtle. The color grey is very pretty and does not make you appear like a freaky person.They would not look freaky in pictures , even with flash lights. so you can wear them to night parties as well. I think people who want natural looking lenses would really love these..!!

Enlargement : (8 out of 10)
These lenses are 14.2 mm in diameter and they will not give you EMO kind of eyes or doll-eye look , but they are perfect for those who wants enlargement without going overboard. As i am not a daring person , these lenses are up to my mark. and i am in love with these.

Conclusion :
I really like these lenses because they blends really well with my eyes and changes my eye color without going overboard.
You can buy these lenses from koreabigeyes here for $27.

Do you own any circle lenses ? What is your favorite color in circle lenses ? Please feel free to comment below with your suggestion.

Disclaimer : This review contains PR sample(s) sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.


  1. look very pretty on u.....MASHALLAH u have got beautiful eyes :)

  2. They look fab on you and I agree, you have beautiful eyes. :)

    I'm still mighty scared to try circle lenses though. :-\


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