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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review : EOS Max Misty Grey Circle Lens By

Saturday, August 20, 2011
Hey girls , Circle lenses are my new addiction as it is obvious from my recent posts , I was sent EOS max misty grey circle lenses for review purpose by . They also provide free animal cases with every pair of lenses. Lets have a look on these babies ...

How they look inside the vials ...
soaking in lens solution

                                                         EOS Max Misty Grey Lens

                                                                          Fast Facts : 

                          Diameter              :  14.5 mm
                          Water Content     :   38 - 45 %
                                                           Base Curve         :   8.6
                                                            Life Span           :   One Year

Now lets see how they look on my Eyes in different lighting :

One in One out ...
Enlargement is obvious !!
Natural Day light :
Direct Sunlight :
Indoor with Flash :
these are my own lashes !!
Indoor Soft light :
Different Angles :
close up from different angles
My thoughts :
I am pretty much impressed with the color , design and comfort these lenses provide. It seems to be impossible to gather all of them in one , but it is provided my EOS max misty grey circle lenses. The color grey looks equally beautiful in day and night light.It does not look freaky with or with out flash. The design is very pretty and what i love most is that it has a black outer most ring and grey spikes in the middle which blends really well with the inner brown ring . Despite the fact that these are a bit thicker than my other lenses , they are the most comfortable lenses too .

Comfort : ( 10 out of 10 )
Why i gave full marks ??? Just because, I have been wearing these lenses for 7 to 8 hours daily , but i did not feel any itchiness or dryness. Even i did not need any comfort drops with it. Even i did not face any blurriness in vision too.

Color & Design : (9.9 out of 10)
The design is not very unique but what makes it perfect ? the darker outer most black ring and the perfect blending of colors inside . The color grey is very unique and does not look freaky with flash. It looks beautiful and natural in day time too.

Enlargement : (9 out of 10)
With 14.5 mm of diameter , it does not gives extra ordinary enlargment , but it is perfect for me as i do not prefer doll-eye or emo kind of look. If you are looking for a subtle and natural looking lenses with adequate enlargement , these lenses are a right choice for you.

Dbeautyshop - Online Store Review: 
Dbeauty shop is an online store selling Korean circle lenses and face masks. They have a wide collection of popular brands like Geo, EOS and Neo Vision. They also offer toric lenses and halloween lenses. They are paypal verified seller. so you donot have to worry about your money. They ships really fast worldwide. I got my lenses within 7 days here in Pakistan. I would highly recommend this store to you !!

You can visit their website and facebook page for more information.

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Disclaimer : This review contains PR sample(s) sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.


  1. Pretty shade Love yr natural lashes :)

  2. Beautiful eyex ur lens superb:) i lov this color nd awsOme review:)

  3. Blue eyes, blue eyes! I always wanted to have blue eyes...i have greenish...:(

  4. pretty shade i love your eye shape hann...

    new follower

  5. WOW! this lens compliments really very well with your skin tone. :)


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