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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review : Pure Beauty Jasmine Water BB Cream

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Hey my sweeties , today i am going to review my latest addiction , Pure Beauty Jasmine Water BB cream .. Now i guess most of you did not know much about a bb cream .. a bb cream ( blemish balm cream ) is very famous among Asian ladies these days . Why ?? because it helps to sooth skin and regenerate skin , in the meanwhile it acts as a sunscreen , moisturizer , gives coverage like a foundation. If you want more information about bb creams go here .

I read many reviews about bb creams and feel that every blogger is talking about it . Thats why i decided to get my hands on a bb cream . I asked my fiance ( who was on a tour to Thailand ) to bring me a good bb cream. He bought me Pure beauty Jasmine Water bb cream . At first i just wanted to try it , but now i feel like wearing it every day when going out . I would call it a miracle cream. Why ? find it below :

Packaging : 

The packaging is very cute and classy. It is lilac and have flower patterns all over. It comes in a 30 ml squeeze tube with a silver twist cap. It is easy to carry around and put in your travel bag. The tube is not fully filled with the product . What i feel that there is just 70% of the cream is present in the tube.

On the back side product description , usage , caution and storage information is given . It is readable in the below picture so i do not feel like writing it again .

My thoughts :

Pure beauty Jasmine water bb cream is a  triple action cream, It protects my skin with 30 spf , moisturizes and gives coverage of a foundation..
This is my first bb cream so i can not make any comparisons , I can just give my opinion about this particular cream. I do not have blemishes on my face ( Thank God ) just one of two acne scars and discoloration. This product makes my life easy. Now i just pour a tiny amount of product and apply it with my fingers all over. After that i blend it my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush. and what i get a flawless skin. It gives medium coverage , and a moist look. It feels very light on skin and i feel like wearing no makeup on my skin ( Hurray for that ).
 It dries quickly so you have to work faster otherwise you will get a whitish mask like thing on your face. At first i just wanted to give it a try , but now i feel like wearing it everyday when going out.
I am using this product for a week now on daily basis , it did not break me out till now. It does not give oily look. My skin feels smoother and great after using this. Pure beauty jasmine water bb cream is only available in one shade , which is one notch lighter than my original skin but when blended properly it does not feel lighter. Here is a swatch of this bb cream :

only a drop is enough to cover the whole face
Here i spread it on my hand  :

blended with fingers : with flash
blended : without flash
Jumping towards Pros and Cons :

Pros : 

  • Cute packaging
  • afforable as compare to other bb creams 
  • Blendable
  • medium coverage
  • 30 SPF
  • does not makes my face shiny 
  • makes skin softer
Cons : 

  •  available in only one shade ( tanned people would have problem with this )
  • Not available in Pakistan
  • should have come with flip open cap instead of twist open cap.
Price and Availability :

Pure Beauty Jasmine water BB cream is easily available at all watson's store for around 400 Bahts ( around 1200 Pkr )

My recommendation :

Yes , if you want to skip layers of sun block , moisturizer , foundation from your daily makeup routine and wear only one product.

Do you like this review ? Have you tried this bb cream or any bb cream , share your views with me :)

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Yours truly,


  1. sounds amazing :) Great review Jeeya <3

  2. Nice review Jeeya:)I am a big bb cream fan as well.Where did you get yours from?

  3. 400 bahts is pretty expensive:)but it looks you think we can find something like this here in karachi?i would love to try it.

  4. i guess bb creams are not available in Pakistan , you can still check this at Naheed's , Agha's or EBCO if you live in karachi ..

  5. Thanks for the review jeeya. I have been searching for something like this for blemish control. Too bad it`s not available here. I didnt know about this product before, as I just came back from Thailand last week.Did you go to phi phi island? Just amazing. I discovered your blog today and followed. Looking forward to reading more from you. Do visit my blog, I`m new to this.
    have a great day

  6. thanks for liking my blog and appreciating my work !!

  7. This looks nice. How is the scent in it? Jasmine water sounds lovely. Do visit my blog if you like perfumes.

  8. great review on the bb cream. the bb cream i use is the encara bb cream. so far, it's doing its job well on my skin :)

    much love,

  9. thanks for sharing it Gellie. this one is my first bb cream , i am thinking to try few more in future :)

  10. hey how can we order this?

  11. Hello! Hope you don't mind that I placed your link on my website! I'll be having a giveaway and this product is included! Hope you don't mind!


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