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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review : Braun Silk épil Soft Perfection Epilator

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey sugar plums :),

Today i am going to review a beauty gadget that i bought recently . Its my first Braun epilator called Silk epil soft perfection epilator. Its model number is se3370. There were three models of Braun silk epil epilators available. I selected this one because i wanted a good epilator for my body and legs. I can not bear the pain of epilation on my face .  Thats why i did not buy the SIlk epil 7 , which has attachments for face epilation too.

What is an Epilator :

I hope that you all know what epilator is all about . Epilator is an electric machine which has tweezers which plucks hairs, you have to place it on your skin perpendicularly and moves in the direction of your hairs. the tweezers removes hairs from the roots and leaves your skin smooth afterwards. 

Braun claims : 
Soft & gentle epilation - for smooth skin for weeks.
Silk-épil 3 has been designed for easy and gentle hair removal. Its proven epilation system with 20 tweezers removes hair at the root, leaving your skin smooth for weeks.

Product Features

  • Lets you enjoy silky smooth skin from top to toe for up to 4 weeks
  • 4-way moving pain softener makes epilation extra gentle
  • Small tips integrated into epilation head lift the hairs so that even short hairs flat lying hairs can be removed efficiently at the root
  • Two active massage rollers stimulate the skin before and after the hair is removed to minimise the pulling sensation

    Packaging :

    Braun silk epil soft perfection epilator comes in a classy black box with pink flowers  on it. Inside you can found an adapter , an epilator machine , massage roller attachment, Under arm cap and a small cleaning brush and a guide book too.

    L to R ( massage roller attachment, underarm cap, cleaning brush)

    My experience :

    I bought mine from Habitt home store for Rs. 4100 Pkr . But the very next day i spotted it at Metro cash and carry , Pakistan and they were selling it at Rs. 3800 Pkr. not so huge difference. 
    I like its pink color. Its so girly and feminine. The epilator itself is easy to hold and grip. It has two speeds setting , but i prefer it to be set on higher speed. The massage roller attachment does a smart job . It makes epilation easy and minimizes the pain of epilation. I use it mostly for my hands and legs. If you have longer hairs . I recommend you to first trim them down. It works best on 2mm to 5mm length hairs. The shorter the length , lesser the pain.
    it has twenty tweezer heads.
    these massage rollers really helps in epilation

    After epilation , you can clean it with the given brush . Just roll down the epilator head with the help of your fingers and remove the hairs that are collected there with the brush.
    Its not my first epilator, I have used an old model of Phillips satinelle elipator two years back . But that was so painful that i gave that to my cousin sister. I am so lazy to wax my legs and hands to get rid of unwanted hairs. I also hate to wait hairs grow enough longer for waxing. Thats why i prefer a epilator. You can use it any time with out hassle. 
    It comes with two year warranty of Braun. 

    Jumping towards pros and cons :

    Pros :

    • sleek and stylish
    • 20 tweezer heads
    • its pink
    • dermatologically recommended
    • efficient epilation
    • lesser pain with massage roller
    • comes with underarm cap
    • Adapter included
    Cons :
    • Painful in sensitive areas like stomach etc

    My recommendation :

    Yes,If you are looking for a epilator with lesser pain , girly looks and comfort. This is a right choice for you.

    Do you own any epilator ? have you ever tried this before ? feel free to share your experiences with me

    Yours truly,


    1. this thing is painful as hell.i havent used mine for sister bought me this and i thought that it will be quick,less painful and less messy than waxing but its not and i got terrible ingrown hairs.but my sister loves it,i guess it depends if your skin actually respond favorably to this product.

    2. i think it depends on how much you tolerate pain. I use it regularly for my arms. and now i donot feel any pain etc. My skin get used to it.

    3. Hi'
      Nice post:)I have it too and yes it is painful as can be in the beginning but you get used to it.Now i hardly feel anything.

    4. what i like most about epilators that you dont have to wait till hair are grown . you can use it anytime !!

    5. My experience said that it tends to give long hair after using it 2-3 times :(

    6. its just a myth that epilation or waxing gives longer hairs ..

    7. Yeah may be you are right... It can be PSychological :)

    8. but it didnot give hairfree skin upto 4 weeks

    9. Thanks for sharing this post ,,i am using this Epilator from last few months i never face any kind of problem


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