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Thursday, June 9, 2011

NOTD : Femina Nail Color in Teal

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey girls , i have tried a new nail color brand Femina Cosmetics. I have heard so many good thing about their nail colors and eye shadows . I was in search of a pretty teal nail color and i was delighted to see that Femina has a very good collection of vibrant nail colors. I bought this nail color for Rs. 90 Pkr . I applied two coats of this nail color without any top or base coat. Take a look how it looks on my nails :

its original teal color , its remind me of peacocks !!

The teal color is very happening and it has a metallic finish which i am loving the most. It dries quickly and consistency is medium unlike other nail colors of this brand which i tried at the cosmetics shop.

Its applicator is just average . Thats why you can see a little mess around my nail bed.

Its color number is given below can you see this its F-1307:

I am planning to get a few more shades from Femina nail colors . Its packaging is cute too.

Jumping towards cons and pros :

Pros : 

  • Affordable
  • metallic finish
  • consistency is good
  • vibrant colors
  • available at cosmetic stores easily
Cons :

  •  Applicator is not so good
  • not long lasting
Have you tried Femina nail colors before ? Share your thoughts and views with me . I heart your comments :)

Yours truly,


  1. I love this color!! It's so teal =D


  2. color is awesome I havent used Femina uptill now...

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