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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: In2it Eye colour Palette

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Hey Girls !!

I m very excited today as this is my first review :) hope you will like it . today i am reviewing In2it eye color palette. My friend bought me this on his latest visit to thailand.. he bought this from watson's store in Bangkok.
In2it is a new brand , which is very popular in countries like Philippines and Thailand , though its not available in Pakistan , I hope it will be available in couple of month or year :) as i want to get more products of this brand.

The packaging is really cute as you can see , its a compact square shape box with white upper case . the upper case has silver swirl like design on it , which gives very elegant and cute appearance, it comes with a handy mirror inside , so you can easily apply eyeshadows .No applicator is present there.
There are four waves like compartment , by which each eyeshadow is seperated. i really like this style . 

The eye shadows are really amazing, they are very pigmented and have fine shimmer  as you can see in the photos, They are long lasting and with out using any eyeshadow base or primer , they worked for me for at least 6 to 8 hours. 

The first color of this palette is a bone white color . i use it as a high lighter.
the second color is a dull gold colour  . i am in love with this color ,
third one is beige color you can use it as day time eye shadow. it goes with every look and dress.
the third color is very intense and more pigmented than the other fellow colors. its a brownish copper color with very fine shimmer in it, I am really satisfied with this Palette and use it in my daily makeup routine :) . One more thing i like about this product that they have written its expiry date on the back , so you it will be easy for you when you have to trash it.

Jumping towards pros and cons

compact design , pigmented colors, long lasting

cons : 
it does not come with any applicator, not available in Pakistan

Do you like this brand and product ? do let me know :)
signing off,
Jeeya :)

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  1. hi Jeeya,
    I bought the same eye colour palette as you but i don't know how to use it.Could u help me?


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