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Friday, May 20, 2011

[EOTD] : My brown eyes are in love with blues !!

Friday, May 20, 2011
Hey girls , this is my first EOTD post , so i am very excited today .I am a great fan of blue eyeliner , i think it really makes brown eyes looks alive. I tried this electric blue mascara for the first time instead of the regular black one , And i am amazed how beautiful it looks on my eyes.
I did a eye makeup look using navy blue glittery eyeliner and electric blue mascara , with a hint of pink and gold .I kept this look very simple and used just a few products , And i think thats the beauty of this look , You can easily achieve this one with less effort and fewer products . So here is the final result :

with flash

without flash in natural day light

i forgot to apply kohl pencil but i think it is looking good in without kohl too

List of Products :

  • Rimmel renew & lift concealer in ivory 
  • Rimmel Lasting finish Liquid Foundation ( review here )
  • Sweet touch sparkling dust in Pink Gold ( review here )
  • In2it Liquid colorline eyeliner in navy blue ( review here)
  • Rimmel extra super lash mascara in electric blue
  • In2it Eyeshadow Palette ( i used bone white color from this palette under my brows ( review here )

Application :

I applied concealer first to hide any imperfections , then i applied rimmel lasting finish liquid foundation , After that i applied Sweet touch sparkling dust all over my eyelid and blend it with luscious blending brush .  Then i applied bone white color from my In2it eyeshadow palette inside my brows. I applied a thin line of In2it color shine eyeliner in navy blue and applied two coats of rimmel extra super lash mascara in electric blue . I did not applied kohl pencil and did not applied mascara on my bottom lashes !!

Thats super easy and fast !!

Do you like this post ? i really enjoy reading your comments . Keep in touch with your thoughts and suggestions .

  Yours truly ,


  1. very pretty :) love your blue lashes

  2. your lashes look so funky and i really like the contrast of pink eye dust.

  3. thanks for all for appreciation :)

  4. nice!!! I love blue too but don't quite know how to pull of this color. Will try next time when in mood for something funky ;)


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