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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hair Lab Shampoo : A Medicated Shampoo for thinning, falling & damaged hair: Review

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hey girls,

I know beautiful hairs are every girl's dream. Thats why i decided today to review something which is very close to my heart. I was having bad hair issue for a long time . My hairs was dry , damaged  and frizzy. I tried almost each and everything . From desi totkas ( home remedies) to expensive shampoos and conditioner . But nothing was working for me. Then i decided to go to a leading dermatologist of Karachi. He suggested me this shampoo along with an hairspray named as Pillus Hairspray.( i would review that later ). Both worked for me and now i got rid of the problem of falling hairs. My hairs are more manageable , silky and smoother than before. They have stopped falling and i can feel they are stronger and shinier than before.I am using these products for three months now. And i am very happy with its performance.
On my last visit to the dermatologist , i asked him that is this shampoo and hair spray could be used by any girl who has same problem as mine ? he said : yes !!
I thought , this post would help those girls who are facing the same problem of thinning , falling hairs . And i would like to help them at any cost .

How to use :  Use instead of your regular shampoo , gently massage into your scalp with circular motion of your fingers and rise with tap water.

Price & Availability : This Shampoo is available for Rs. 850 at all the leading pharmacies and medical stores of Karachi .I bought mine from  Time Medicos. I know it sounds costly to most of you , but it is a medicated shampoo and its worth it. One bottle would easily lasts for two month.

Recommendation : I would love to buy this again and again

Have anyone tried this shampoo ? share your experience with me , I love your comments :)

yours truly,



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  2. wow great it help you...i also have the same problems...thanks for sharing your secret and for this helpful review.

  3. can i find this in lahore?

  4. if one stop using it after sometime (talking abt pillus spray) or even shampoo thn wud it gt harm

  5. i guess you are talking about Dr. Jafar Imam. he gave me the same combination. will start using it now. lets seee. *fingers crossed*

  6. helo u feel any improvment n ur hair after using dz shampoo .........

  7. yes , it helped me out in hair fall control.


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