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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mini Haul From Saeed Ghani Store, Karachi

Monday, May 16, 2011
Hey girls , I went on shopping last weekend with my family , i went to buy some herbal beauty products for my routine skin care regime . I am a great fan of Saeed Ghani's herbal products . I am a regular user of their ubtans and rose water. Look what i bought this time from their huge outlet located at Millenium Mall, Karachi : 

  • Saeed Ghani's Orange Ubtan - Rs. 80
  • Saeed Ghani's lemon grass serum - Rs. 50
  • Green tea sparkling and whitening Mask sheet - Rs. 50
  • Cucumber Facial mask sheet - Rs. 50
  • Saeed Ghani's Castor oil - Rs. 55
  • Pearl Pourri scented beads - Rs 50 ( to keep inside my closet )
  • Layla cone mehndi ( which sales man gifted me on the purchase of above items )
I have used their saffron and sandal ubtan before , It is the first time i have bought their orange ubtan . It also have a small bottle of toner inside the packet.
The facial masks sheets are not a Saeed Ghani Product. They are thailand made. and i bought them just because i have read alot about them on beauty blogs. :)
I will be doing a detailed review of everything after using them for a couple of weeks .

Thats all for today girls , if you want me to review any above product for you , please write in to me :)

Have you ever used these products before ? share your experiences with me :)

yours truly ,


  1. I have their ubtan facewash & Cucumber scrub :)Ur products look great :)

  2. Great beauty haul! Would love to hear how well the whitening mask works!

  3. i would review these maska later !!

  4. I love fragrance of Saeed Ghani's product :)

  5. Thanks for sharing K.A . I also love the fragrance of their herbal products !!

  6. iam currently using saeed ghani's WHITENING SCRUB recommended by a friend nd results is just awesome :)

  7. i have their 5 products.. saffron moisture that is ,unfortunately, not good for me because of my oily skin.
    their neem face wash is good.
    their cocumber scruber is also good but it pinches your skin a bit.
    over all products are good.
    oh yes,neem cleasner is also good

  8. i find new online shop


    very nice

  10. i bought their daily herbal conditioner and when i read all the stuff written on it, it didnot seem like something a pakistani product will write. i was really disappointed when i checked i on the internet and saw that they have just copy pasted Earth Nectar's conditioner description on their conditioner. its a shame that no one is honest here!

  11. Thanks for your information sarah , it is a very knowledgeable point for our readers. however, i like their ubtans, they are worth trying.

  12. Sarah it can be possible that their content writer is not good , and that person has copied the stuff from internet ..


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