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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beware Of Fake Cosmetics !!

Sunday, May 15, 2011
Hey girls ,

I hope that you all are doing well . Today i am going to share some of my shopping experiences with you !! . I went to buy kryolan tv paint stick as my first one was finished. I stepped into a cosmetic store of Millenium Mall, Karachi . Its a very famous and big mall , you all know it very well. The shopkeeper showed me a kryolan tv stick and the price he told me was just Rs. 400. I was shocked as the original tv paint stick is available for Rs. 750 pkr. Being suspicious , i asked him thatis it an original or fake one ? He kept insisting on that it is an original one and he is selling me just because he wants to make me a regular costumer . ( makes no sense !!! ).
I stepped out of the shop and looked into another shop for the same product. That shopkeeper was an honest one. He told me that there are three versions of Kryolan tv stick is available in the market , their prices are as :

  • Kryolan tv paint stick : original - Rs.750
  • Kryolan tv paint stick : thailand made - Rs. 400
  • Kryolan tv paint stick : local - Rs. 250
I was really shocked, then just for getting information , I asked him the prices of different original and dupes products that are available in the Pakistani market. I concluded that Pakistani markets are flooded with fake or locally made products . Here are some prices of original and fake products , just for your knowledge :
(These pictures are taken from web )

Maybelline dream mousse blush : 

original is available for Rs. 750 to Rs.800 , fake one : Rs. 350

Maybelline dream mousse foundation :

original is available for Rs. 1500 , fake one is available for Rs. 600

Etude Compact twin cake : 

original one : Rs. 700 , fake one : Rs. 350 to Rs. 400

Kryolan Aqua Cake eye liner : 

Original one : Rs : 400 to Rs 450 , Fake one is available for Rs. 75 ( locally made )

I saw another shopkeeper selling Mac and Bobbi Brown gel liners just for Rs. 1000 pkr. I asked him are they original or thailand made , after a long debate he finally admitted these are thailand made but are of great quality. My advice for all of you that do not run over big brand names , Instead of wasting money over these fake products and dupes, Buy cosmetics of Pakistani brands like Luscious , DMGM , Diana of London, Christine , They are a better option.
This is just a small list , to save you girls from being cheated . Always use cosmetics and skin care products . from trusted cosmetics stores. Be safe and secure !!

Have you ever experienced buying any fake product ? Share with me :)



  1. Thank you for this informative post. I agree with you. there are many fakes out there. Its better to go to superstores that are affiliated with big brands. Naheed, Agha's and EBCO are the best. :)

  2. wow i didn't know that kryolan had fakes too thanks for the info :)

  3. Market is flooded with fakes of MAC too . I have seen a MAC studio fix twin cake at the store for Rs. 400 pkr , lol

  4. hey, yesterday i found fake MAC, in Indonesia usually MAC is about 200.000IDR, but it just 14.000IDR..
    i didn't buy it, i'm afraid if it will cause allergy or something bad.

  5. I found Etude blush pallet at millineum just of Rs. 300 :D & I had 6 colors :D

  6. thanks for sharing Sarah , fake cosmetics can cause skin cancer. so plz stay away from these !!

  7. i commented here but my comment got deleted by some weired problem with the blogger(along with my post)
    so anyway i didnt now kryolan had fakes too thanks alot for sharing!! :)

  8. i really like they way you write your posts and they are so helpful for masses !! i really appreciate your work !! you are getting better day by day :)

  9. hi.... yesterday i bought a kryolan tv paint stick in fs36 and as i got home a friend of mine told me check out if it is the original one or not because i bought it from a local shop which was likely of having fake products and i was like I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT WHILE BUYING :O....she showed me her tv paint stick which was original ( bought from naheed, karachi.. an year ago) and i compared both the sticks ( mine and hers) and i found little difference in packaging and fragrance. i m afraid i bought the fake one.. please tell me how to find out if your tv paint stick is original or not. please do reply i m in great trouble..need help.

  10. I had a MAC eye shadow palette when I was in school. Got it from Millenium Mall. I was around 16 years and didn't know alot about makeup back then. When I started reading blogs I learned about the real price and quality of real MAC. I asked the shop keeper and he told me that these are first or second copies of MAC. I threw them all away and have never bought a fake again :-) I think my sis even got a fake Garnier mask from there, because there is no record of it online! :-/


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