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Friday, November 18, 2011

Review : Nivea Extra Cell Repair Pore Minimizer Night Cream

Friday, November 18, 2011
Hi girls , Sorry for being absent from my blog , i was really busy in my personal life for past few days . Now everything is back to normal. Today i am going to review Nivea Extra Cell Repair Pore Minimizer Night Cream. I am using it regularly for more than two weeks now . And i am really impressed by its performance , lets find out what do i think about this night cream.

Packaging :
This night cream comes in a jar . Its a smaller jar as compare to the size of its outer box. I guess you can put another jar of same size inside the packaging. After using it for upto 2 weeks now , it is still alot of cream present in the jar , i think once jar will last upto one month . The card board packaging contains all the essential information about the product , but alas !! everything except its name is written in thai language , which i absolutely do not understand at all.

I wish if someone could translate it for me , i really love reading package instructions and other useful information , Only list of ingredients is given in english , which is mentioned on the bottom side.

My thoughts :
It smells  exactly the same as Extra cell repair face wash ( read review here ) . The smell is refreshing and floral. It absorbs really faster and sinks in the skin within no time. It does not leave any residue or white cast behind it . I also did not find my face oily in the morning , which is a plus point for me. I started using this night cream because i had a few stubborn acne scars on my face and i am glad to see that after using this night cream , they started to lighten after a week. It makes my skin tone brighter , or i would say it lightens it a bit , but do not expect for a miracle . It just brightens my skin tone. As far as its pore minimizing abilities are concerned , i did not have too many open pores or visible open pores on my face , but i feels that it makes my skin firmer , smoother and younger looking. It did not break me out , i love this fact.
Here you can see the cream is thick in consistency but sinks completely by the skin within a minute :

Over all , it is a great product for oily or problem skin . I would really like to recommend it to those who wants to get rid of scars and a brighter complexion .

You may like this product if ..

  • You want to reduce dark spots
  • You want a non oily night cream
  • you want to improve your skin complexion
  • you have oily skin
You may not like this product if ..

  • You expect to do any miracle for your complexion
  • It is not easily available 
I got this product from Watson's bangkok  for 350 bahts .
Please share your opinions if you have tried this product ?


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  1. This looks good. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. nice review!!!

  3. great review. too bad its not available here

  4. thanx for great review i m searching for a night cream

  5. great ..
    i will surely buy it

  6. Thanks for the review, how much is the price here in the Philippines?
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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