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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review : Geo Berry Holic Turquoise Circle lens ( World Series ) by

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Hey girls , Today's post is sponsored by the lovely girl Joeyy at , she sent me another pair of circle lens Geo Berry Holic Turquoise CM 957 ( world series) for my consideration.

Thank you Icandystyle Lens !!

Lets see how do they look inside lens case :

Fast facts :

Series: Berry Holic

Colour: Turquoise

Type: 3-tone

DIA: 14.00mm

B.C: 8.60mm

Water Content: 38%

Brand: GEO

Life Span: 1 year disposable

My thoughts :
I think turquoise is a rare eye color , that is why i was pretty much excited about it before trying. It gives a nice pop of color to my eyes which looks equally beautiful and natural. The all three color hues blends really well together. 
Lets see how do they looks on my eyes...
Natural daylight :

Indoor light :

With Flash :

Geo berry holic series is so far my most favorite circle lens series. And this turquoise lenses are very close to my heart because of their color and natural looks. Turquoise color covers my dark brown eyes and give them a splash of color which looks really unique. These lenses have 14.00 mm diameter , because they are meant to look natural . These lenses are comfortable too. I have never had any problem with geo medical circle lenses so far. Even i worn these to my college for a good 9 hours on a bright sunny day and did not experience any problem there.

i am totally in love with these lenses as they look beautiful in all kind of lightings . I will be wearing them tomorrow on Eid day and will be doing a special Eid look , so just wait and watch for my next review.

Where to buy ?
If you want a pair of these for yourself then you can visit here
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you can also visit their website , connect them on FACEBOOK or follow on TWITTER

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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