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Monday, April 4, 2011

Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask Pineapple : Review

Monday, April 4, 2011
Hey girls , today i am doing a post about yet another Freeman product. its a Freeman Facial enzyme mask.
I heard so many good thing about Freeman facial enzyme mask , thats why i decided to buy this mask . I bought this from Chase departmental store , for Rs. 275 pkr. And i am glad that i made a wise decision . I am using this mask for a month now and i am very happy with its results. 

it comes in a squeeze tube , so its easy to use and carry around if you are travelling . I am just in love with its fragrance. Every time i opens its tube and squeeze it out , i feels that i am applying fresh pineapples on my face :) its so tempting and feels yummy that one could not resist eating it :) trust me , it smells delicious :)
When i first squeeze it into my palm i felt that it is made by freshly crushed pineapples. it also contains micro beads as you can see here:

close up picture : here you can see microbeads inside

I use it weekly , after cleansing my face. it is a  moisturizing mask , it also contains microbeads in it . Just apply it in a thick layer and leave it on your face for 15 minutes , It will be absorbed into your skin . Then splash your face with water and using your fingertips massage it in circular motions , the microbeads will exfoliates your skin surface and then rinse off with luke warm water ( as directed )

My experience :

My skin feels very soft and supple after using this mask , its gives a instant life to my skin :) I am in love with it and would like to buy it again and again :) 

My recommendation : 

Yes, its worth trying :)

Have you tried this mask ? share your experiences and reviews ?

Signing off,



  1. Thanks for the nice review :) I will sure give this one a try

  2. thanks for liking it sara :)

  3. sounds and smells yummy. I`m getting it today. A mask and scrub in one product sounds good.


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