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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review : Liz Earle Energizing Body Lotion

Thursday, December 1, 2011
Hi girls , winter is already here , and we all try our best to get silky smooth skin in this weather. That is why we keep applying body butters and lotions all over again and again. It is now easy with Liz Earle energizing body lotion.Lets find out together ..
Packaging :
It comes in a big 150ml squeeze tube with flip open cap , which we all prefer. This tube is easy to handle and carry around. The amount given in this tube is more than enough to last the whole winter season. As usual , the backside is covered with product description , how to use , and ingredients.
Ingredients :
This energizing lotion is rich with the goodness of 8 essential oils .

My thoughts :
As i mentioned above, i love the packaging of this energizing lotion and the amount present in it. It has a rich and creamy texture , so only one or two drops is enough . It gets absorbed quickly into the skin and leaves a silky smooth feeling behind. It is non greasy .I guess , this product will be more suitable for mature skin as it will give a instant boost and elasticity to the skin. This lotion is works better as an after bath lotion in this dry winter season. It is suitable for all types of skin , but i feel that it will work better with dry and mature skin.
I have a mixed feeling about its scent. I find it too strong for my liking , but my mom loves it. She says that the scent is pleasant. It makes me think that it depends on your personal preferences that you like it or not . I find it too strong for myself. Here you can see its texture and how it feels on my skin :
can you see how smooth and silky my skin becomes :

Overall , it is a good product to boost your energy , whenever you are feeling low and tired.

You might  like this if :

  • it is rich with the goodness of 8 essential oils
  • you need a natural product
  • you have dry , mature skin
  • you want a lotion that lasts all day
  • you do not want to re apply throughout the day
  • you like strong scents
  • you want an energizing lotion
You might not like this if ..

  • Scent is too strong for your liking
  • you can find a cheaper alternative for this
  • availability of this product is an issue for yourself.

Price & Availability :
You can buy it at liz earle website HERE for £17.00

What do you think of this review and Liz Earle brand ? please keep posting your comments as i love to know your thoughts .. After all your opinion matters !!!

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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  1. 19 essential oils? wow! must be a great product :)

  2. I have used this and I loved it for summer. But yes, there are cheaper alternatives. While I love the facial products from every aspect, I would not list this in that group.

  3. Really nice review , Thanks for sharing <3

  4. oooo sounds really good! thanks for the review


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