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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOTD : Luscious nail lacquer in glazed berry stamped with gold !!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Hi girls ,
I stamped my nails few days before using nail art stamping kit ( mentioned here ) . I applied two coats of Luscious cosmetics nail lacquer in glazed berry , and stamped it with a Medora Nail polish in golden shade 366. I also used this Medora nail polish HERE as a base color.  Here is the final result :
Glazed berry is a gorgeous maroon shade by luscious cosmetics , one of the leading cosmetics brand of Pakistan. I bought this nail lacquer last year from their website. It is one of my favorite nail lacquer during festive season. It became very thick , so i added a few drops of nail polish remover in it to revive it. Now it is back to the normal condition. I am so happy :)
I feel really ashamed of myself that i could not take many pictures of this nail art. My camera's battery was drained out that time ..!!

I am still in a learning phase when it comes to nail art stamping ,It is my latest addiction , you will get more nail art stamping posts in the coming days :) stay tuned !!

Signing off ,

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