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Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Do I Spend My Sunday .... !

Saturday, December 3, 2011
Hi dear ones ,
This post is slightly different from my regular posts. Today i want you to know what do i usually do on sunday . As you all know , i am a working lady and studying too. My whole week goes really busy and i do not get time to pamper myself. Also i have to apply makeup on myself on daily basis. Now it becomes really essential on sunday to take a break from everything. That is why i treat myself as a princess on sunday . Are you curious ?? Lets find out here ..

1. Sleep .. Sleep & Sleep :
No.. do not get me wrong here . It does not mean i spend whole day sleeping . I prefer to take 8 to 9 hours of sleep on sunday. Good sleep is a key to healthy skin . That is why i never had dark circles or other problems related to sleep in my life uptil now ..

2. Avoid Makeup :
Yes , i completely avoid makeup on sundays. Not even Kohl ,until unless i am not going somewhere on sunday. It is necessary to celebrate a NO MAKEUP day once a while.

3. I love Home made remedies :
Taking a break from my routine cleansers and face moisturizers, i spend my day with my natural products gifted by GOD. I am a great fan of Home made remedies and stuff.
First of all, i cleanse my face using lemon , milk & honey mask. Apply a mixture of these on my face for 20 minutes and then rinse it. It is the best cleanser and moisturizer , i have ever seen in my life. After that , i rub fresh tomato pulp on my face. It helps to shrink and minimize pores. Keep a bottle of rose water in your fridge, and spritz it all over your face when ever you get time.

4, Oil Massage :
45 minutes before taking bath , i take some hot oil ( mild ) , and massage it really well on my hairs. On alternate weeks , i apply mayonnaise on my hair for 30 minutes and then rinse. It is the best nourishing hair mask i have ever came across. And most importantly , its all natural !!

5. Foot soak & Scrub :
I apply the same milk and lemon mixture on my feet and let it dry for sometime. After that , i soak my feet for ten minutes into warm water with lemon juice and a bit of shampoo in it . Then i apply olive oil and salt scrub on my feet, and massage it gently. This helps to remove dead skin and also improves blood circulation. This olive oil and salt scrub is my trusted recipe for some 5 years. Whenever i feel tired , i massage it all over my feet and it is just wonderful.

6. Balanced diet :
Balanced diet is a key to healthy life. I read somewhere that you are what you eat. So cut the salt from your life as much as you can , and you will see a major difference. I prefer to eat more raw vegetables and fruits on sundays.

What else i do ?? Sunday is my most favourite day of the week. I love to spend time with my family , chatting with friends , watching movies and my breakfast would be incomplete if there is no newspaper.

So my dear friends , please share how do you spend sunday ? i would love to hear from you !!
Stay beautiful & stay blessed !!

Lots of love ,

Jeeya !!

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  1. Who doesn't like Sundays:)You get alot done in one day , my sunday starts with sleep and hopefully ends with sleep as well ;)

  2. busy sunday! hehehe i do the same on sunday :)
    the tomato pulp is amazing on skin! love that one!
    never heard about the mayonnaise one i wanna know more about that!

  3. Mayonaisse is made up of vegetable oil and eggs. Apply it all over on your hairs and leave it for one hour atleast. then rinse your hair with shampoo. Your hair will feel silky , conditioned, and healthy. Try it once a month atleast.

  4. wow... you get alot done :)i'm a very lazy person in this regard and wait till its absolutely impossible to delay pampering myself anymore :p
    Amazing post =)


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