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Monday, December 12, 2011

EOTD & Review : K-palette Real lasting Eyeliner in Super Black , Waterproof ( 1 Day Tattoo)

Monday, December 12, 2011
Hi my sugarplums !! How many of you want a jet black eye liner with incredible lasting power ?? Which should be easy to apply and smudge proof too . Here is a solution for all your wants , K-palette Real lasting eyeliner 24 hours , it is super black , and water proof too !!
want proof ?? see below :

Product Description :
The quick-drying waterproof liquid eyeliner comes with a patented micro-fiber fine brush tip for superb control and ease of drawing. High water-resistant polymer creates lasting and non-smudge eyeline that withstands water, sweat and skin sebum.

Drawing that perfect eyeline is now a breeze, you will notice the difference of a more defined, focused and bigger eyes!

Instuctions for application :
Please note:
1. Shake the eyeliner a few times with the tip facing down before use for more vivid colour.
2. Keep cap tightly secured to prevent contamination and drying.
3. Insert brush into the centre of the cap when recapping. Denting it against the cap might cause the brush to lose its unique shape.
4. Leaving the eyeliner in an upright position for a long period of time may cause the colour to become lighter. Leave pen on its side or with the tip facing downwards.
5. Remove with lukewarm water or eye make-up remover.
6. As the product is long-lasting, do not use it for inner eye lining purposes. When wearing contact lenses, do not use the eyeliner on your inner eye lining.
7. In the event of allergic reaction, please stop use immediately.
Packaging : 
 As you already know , i am a sucker when it comes to great packaging . This mastermind eye liner comes in a plastic packaging . The eye liner pen is sleek and has a twist open cap. This product is extremely travel and user friendly , You can even throw it in your smallest clutches too.
k-palette real lasting eyeliner in super black , waterproof
k-palette real lasting eyeliner in super black , waterproof
It has a felt tip with helps in precise application . It gives you freedom to apply thin and thick line around your eyes. The tip of this eyeliner is really sharp and you can even reaches to the places like tear duct etc, where it was impossible to reach before .
Here is a swatch of this eyeliner on my hand :
It defines my eyes beautifully. The color pay off is amazing . Just a single swipe is needed to build a neat line across your eyes. The lasting power of this eye liner is incredible . I am wearing it almost everyday since 7:00 am in the morning till 3:00 pm . And it does not smudge or fades away .It stays put on my eyes for upto 8 hours. Honestly i have never worn an eye liner more than that. However, it comes off easily with a wipe of make up remover. Do not apply it on water line otherwise it can sting your eyes and make you feel uncomfortable  .
I have applied it here , you can see how beautiful it looks on my eyes :
Over all , i am in love with eye liner. I would say this one is my holy grail eye liner for sure. I would love to recommend it to those who have ever dreamt of a eye liner with real lasting power.

You might like this product for..

  • excellent lasting power
  • smudge proof
  • water proof
  • colour intensity is great
  • travel friendly & user friendly
You might not like this product for..

  • Not easily available everywhere

 Price & Availability :
You can buy this eyeliner HERE at for 15$ . Unfortunately , this product is not available in Pakistan. You can look for it in Watson's , Boots etc.

So , i am in love with Japanese beauty products . I would love to try more of them . Have you ever tried this eye liner before . Please share your thoughts and experiences..

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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  1. I like this eyeliner too :D Great review!!!!

  2. Great! The quality you have described makes it a must have! :) Thanks for sharing xx

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  4. Thanks for the information and links you shared this is so should be a useful and quite informative!
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  5. Oh woww- loved this liner.. im placing an order now :)


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