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Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Geo Tri Color Green Circle Lens by

Friday, September 2, 2011
Hey my sugar plums ..
I hope that you will be having great fun these days .. I was sent two pair of lenses for my consideration from , I received Geo magic color in Green (CM 903) and Geo Hurricane in Grey (HC 105) . The package also contains two transparent lens cases in white & pink and lens care guide.The owner of this web based store, Joeyy is a sweet lady and she added two lollipops in my package too.
All sent with lots of love
vials have Geo anti-fake stickers
Today i will be reviewing Geo Magic Color circle lens CM-903 first , because i instantly fall in love with them .. have a look how they look in the vials..
                                                                           Fast Fact
                                                                Series  : Magic Color
                                                                Type : 3 tones
                                                                Diameter : 14mm
                                                                Base Curve: 8.6mm
                                                               Water Content : 38%
                                                               Life Span : One year

Lets proceed to the lens it self and find out how they look in different lightings ..

One in One Out:
enlargement is minimal but i like them alot as they look natural

Natural Day light :
Indoor light : 
naturally lit by sunlight
Direct Sun light :
please excuse me , my eyes are squinting  a bit due to sunlight
Indoor Flash :

My thoughts :
I always wanted to have those green eyes like Afghan girls have. These lenses gives me the perfect blend of two tones of green along with a smudgy black outer ring which looks very natural and subtle. These are my first Geo Medical circle lenses and they are very comfortable. I almost forget that i am wearing them. These are 14mm in diameter but they gives minimal enlargement , which is just perfect for me. The looks equally beauitful in every kind of lighting.
Color & Design : (9.5 out of 10)
Surprisingly, these lenses looks great on my dark brown eyes. No wonder,these are from the most popular series of Geo medical because these are really natural looking lenses. The color green is just perfect and blends beautifully with my dark brown eyes. The smudge outer ring gives very natural and subtle enlargement. I must say i am in love with them.
Comfort: (10 out of 10)
Geo medical is famous for their comfortable lenses and i am agree with it. These are the most comfortable lenses i have ever worn. I almost forget them after wearing them , I wear these lenses for three consecutive days without any heaviness or dryness in my eyes. Do not forget to soak your lenses in solution for 24 hours before wearing them for the first time ( recommended by Geo medical)
Enlargement ( 6 out of 10)
If you are looking for Emo look or barbie doll eye look , these lenses are not your cup of tea. but as i love to wear natural looking lenses , i would rate them 10 on 10 for the enlargement factor. They are just perfect according to my personal taste.

Online store Review: is an online store which is based in Australia. They started off selling Geo medical lenses first , but they will be expanding their range in future. But it is also satisfactory that they are selling authentic geo circle lenses with geo anti-fake code , you can check them online here. They ship worldwide too.
You can visit their web page HERE and join them on FACEBOOK or follow them on TWITTER too

You can buy these lenses here. Use the discount coupon code given below if you are purchasing first time ..

Disclaimer : This review contains PR sample(s) sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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