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Friday, September 9, 2011

Review: Geo Hurricane Grey Circle Lens review sponsored by

Friday, September 9, 2011
Hey my sugar plums .. i told you in a previous post that i was kindly sent two pair of circle lenses from for my consideration , today i am going to review Geo Medical Hurricane Circle Lens (HC-105) for my readers.

Lets proceed to the lens itself and let me show you Geo Hurricane Grey in different lightings ..

Natural Day light :
Indoor Light Without Flash :
With Flash :

Direct Sun Light :
One In One Out :
They gives decent enlargement to my eyes..
Product Information :

Series: Hurricane
Colour: Grey
DIA: 14.00mm
B.C: 8.60mm
Water Content: 38%
Brand: GEO Medical
Life Span: 1 year disposable

inside vials 
inside lens case which is provided by
My thoughts :
After trying these lenses for more than one week , now i am able to share a few words about these :
Color & Design (10 out of 10 ):
i must say that i am in love with its color and design. I would love to try more lenses from this series because they are of standard diameter 14.00 , which i prefer and the black outer ring enhances the enlarging effect without giving un-natural or bug-eye look. It has a strong black outer ring and spiral grey black ring design in the middle which looks very natural and subtle when worn, the color grey does not look freaky or weird under any sort of lightings which is a plus point for me. The color and design blends really well with my dark brown eyes and enhances my eyes. I wish that it could be available in green color too. ( Right now brown , hazel , violet and blue colors are available in hurricane series.
Comfort (10 out of 10): 
I must say that Geo medical manufactures the most comfortable lenses . I can barely feel them in my eyes even when worn for the longest period of time ( almost 9 hours ) , without using any eye drops. I ordered them with prescription and i did not have any issue with the vision blurriness etc. They are perfectly alright , i will highly recommend these if you are looking for lenses which can be worn for longer period of time without having any difficulty.
Enlargement : (8 out of 10):
It has a smaller diameter of 14.00mm but the dark black outer ring enlarges eyes really well without going over board. Perfect for the people who prefer natural looking lenses with minimal enlargement. If you want to change your eye color with a subtle hue and decent enlargement , these lenses are perfect for you .
Where to buy ?
If you are interested in buying these lenses buy here at .An online store that sells circle lenses and make up items too. They ships worldwide and sells authentic Geo medical circle lenses with anti-fake stickers on vials. ( no more regrets right !! )
You can connect to icandystylelens on FACEBOOK and TWITTER too.

Discount coupon code :
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Thank you for sponsoring these lenses for review purpose !!

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  1. i've tried the one in green..they were awesome,but they tend to make my eyes to dry fast..they look fantastic on you!


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