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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review : False Eyelashes by

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Hey girls , as you all know that i love to do eye make up , i have never tried false eyelashes on myself ( except on my engagement day , but it was done my make up artist. )and that makes me pretty much excited today.Guess what ??  i am going to review a false eye lashes combo set , sent to me by

About :
Model21eyelashes is an online store which sells handmade eyelashes . They have human hair eyelashes too. They also sells related stuff like eyelash extensions , eyelash adhesive , double eyelid glue etc. They are based in United States of America and ships worldwide.
According to their website :
Model 21 False Eyelashes Store is the most convenient online store that specializes in high quality fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions.  Here, you will find many unique designs that will suit your desired look for any occasion.  We also carry unique feather false eyelashes for exotic events.
 Product Information :
I received Model21 false eyelashes Combo No.19 for my consideration. I chose this because it contains 5 different styles of eyelashes ( two pairs of each ) . which makes it more useful and versatile product for myself.
the box lost its shape while shipping
Contains 5 different pairs, two pairs each of the following styles 19T, 2T, 3T, 40T and 63 that's 10 pairs total.
 Here are the close up shots of these eye lashes :

These lashes are made in Veitnam , if you are concerned !!

My Thoughts :
 This combination of eyelashes gives you a variety of eyelashes to try on yourself according to occasion and your personal needs. The package is made of cardboard and eyelashes are pasted on it with an adhesive material. It is easy to use and then put them back in the box without any hassle. The eyelashes does not feel heavy on my eyes and they are made really well. I am not a professional though , but it applied smoothly without any hassle. I applied few coats of mascara too to achieve a more polished look. I did not need to cut it as they were of exactly the same length which i wanted. Have a look how they look on my eyes :

 If you are interested in buying these eyelashes , you can buy them here for $12.95 ( this item is on sale currently). I will highly recommend this if you are looking for a variety of eyelashes for an affordable price.
 You can also connect to Model21eyelashes on FACEBOOK and TWITTER too.">False Eyelashes from Model 21 Eyelashes visit the website at

 Disclaimer : This review contains PR sample(s) sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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  1. They look great .Did u stick them urself?I dont know when I ll learn to stick falsies:(

  2. no dear , i am still in a learning phase . my cousin helped me out !!

  3. you did such a great job, these look nice. Ive never tried lashes either

  4. Love those eyelashes they are gorgeous on you.


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