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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quality Nail Art Supplies Store : Born Pretty Store

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Hey my sugar plums ,
i know you all love to paint and decorate your nails . That is why i am going to review a web based nail art supplies store : Born Pretty Store !!

Introduction :
Born Pretty Store is an online store based in USA , they are selling a wide range of nail art decoration stuff , acrylic stuff, cracking polishes , hand made eye lashes , and colour contact lenses too.They also have hair decoration stuff. They have a huge variety of stuff related to nail art. They ships world wide free of cost. Is not it exciting !!.

 Lets see what you can get from here :

Nail Art Stuff :
You can get anything from here. You name it and they have it .. seriously ! . From Swarovski rhinestones to nail art gadgets , they have got everything ..A few things for your eyes delight..

Cute monkey nail dryer art
dried nail flowers
color changing mood nail polish

Eye Products :
Born Pretty Store is not only about nail art. They have a decent variety of hand made eyelashes , double eye lid maker, eyelash curlers, and coloured contact lenses too. I am going to share a few products of my choice from this store :
eye lashes and eye lashes glue
double eyelid glue
coloured contact lenses
Hair decoration stuff :
Do you want to decorate your hairs like a gyaru or want to add volume to your hairs . Now you can get what you desire at very affordable price : Born Pretty Store offers hair extensions , hair clips , bands and sliders , let me share a few products that i like from their collection :
feather hair extension kit
dazzle rope bands
Shipping Information :
They provide provide worldwide free shipping service to all customers ignoring the price and distance with no minimum order requirements . And they make sure the products you bought reach you by free shipping safely and intactly.
There is a 30 days money back gaurantee too. So you could return the stuff if it is defected or not what you ordered.

My Recommendation :
Yes , there are thousands of happy customers out there , they are reliable and fast !!

You can visit their Website HERE and join them on FACEBOOK too !!

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