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Friday, September 16, 2011

Favourite Jewellery Pieces for the month of September.. !

Friday, September 16, 2011
Hi to all beautiful ladies out there !!
I am going to share some of the jewellery pieces that i purchases or gifted last month , i will be doing this series of blog post on monthly basis. I love collecting different and unique jewellery designs specially earrings and rings.. lets see what i have to show you right now..
These are the few items that i got last month..
1. Blue stone Necklace set :
This one is really close to my heart. It was gifted by a dear one. As you can see it is metallic in shade and has a ferozi blue stone in the middle and then a leaf design with metallic crystals on top of it.. this is beautiful !!
The chain is not too long and fits around my neck ..
the ring is adjustable , so that any one can wear it..

2. Champagne & Rust brown pendant set :
This set does not have a ring but i can pair it with any golden ring ..
the ball chain looks very chic and beautiful when worn..
the pendant itself is really beautiful , i love the rectangular design very much , it looks very elegant and simple.
i got this set as a eid gift ... and i am loving it.. mostly i do not buy jewellery sets . i love to buy earrings and rings mostly..
3. Multi colored Earrings :
These earrings have a dull metallic color and have multi colored stones . I can pair it easily with my casual outfits or rangoli dresses. The looks beautiful when worn over a simple black or white color shirt.
i bought this for Rs. 150 ( less than 2 dollars) from a small shop at millenium mall..
4. Polka dot feather earrings :
i bought these for Rs. 100 , and i love its shiny pink color and black and white polka design over it. They look so cute and i got many compliments.. what i do not like that it is losing its shape even i just wear it two to three times..

Thats all for this month . i will be regularly posting my favorite jewellery items every month. stay tuned..

Do you own any particular jewellery item which you love the most ? please share it with me ..

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  1. Multi colored Earrings are so pretty... lovely post

  2. Everything looks lovely especially the first and second set. :)

  3. lovely!!! i like the feather earrings!

  4. I purchase of my wife one earring set. There are really hot. The earring color are like to girl, design and style also. There are brown pendant is good.

    Thomas Sabo


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