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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Hi dear girls,

Its been a while when I post any circle lens review. I was asked to select one pair of circle lens from . A Korean based online shop selling authentic Korean circle lenses and sun glasses. They have a wide variety of circle lenses. They ships worldwide.

I selected these C.C gray lenses . These looks lovely on the stock picture provided on website :

Packaging & Shipment:

My package took 3 weeks to arrive in Pakistan from Korea. Everything was nicely packed in layers of bubble wraps. So it reached without any damage.My package looked like this:

Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop
Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop

They also included a comfort eye drops and a cute lens travel case with mirror inside.

Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop

Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop

 I have never seen anything cute like this lens case. It feels sturdy and great for travelers who wears lenses. With this lens case it becomes easy to wear or take off lens while travelling. It comes with a mirror and built in lens case.

Lens vials looks like this before opening the seal. Then you have to soak lenses in regular lens solution for at least 6 hours before wearing for the first time.

Lens Information :

Brand: 4VISION
Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year (Max)
Country of origin: South Korea

Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop
Now lets take a look how it looks on my eyes.
I took pictures in different lightings to show you how they look.
One in One out:
Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop
 Did you noticed how much enlargement effect it gives to my eyes. I love this kind of dolly eyes look. It transforms my eyes into a complete princess look. It measures only 14.2 mm but enlargement effect is great because of its outer black ring which enhances over all look.
Direct Sunlight:
Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop
Indoor light:
Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop
Close up:
Review: CC Gray Circle Lens By klenspop
 My Thoughts:
I wanted to concentrate on the beauty of these lenses that is why I did not apply any make up on my eyes. These lenses are different from the regular tri color gray lenses that I previously own. The inner circle has brown spikes kind of design which blends very well with the dark brown color of my eyes. The center of lens has a mysterious kind of gray color which is very unusual and unique in circle lenses. Usually gray lenses appears to be dull on brown eyes but these lenses gives a life to my eyes. The outer ring is black which enhances eyes and gives enlargement effect. The comfort level of these lenses is good too. I wore these lenses for continuously 9 hours without any irritation or dryness. But I found these lenses a bit difficult while wearing . The lenses keeps sticking to my fingers while I was trying to place these on my eye ball. Otherwise there was not any problem.
If you are looking for to add a pop of color to your eyes with decent enlargement effect then go and try these lenses. You can buy these lenses HERE.
Did you like this review  ? want to give any suggestion then feel free to comment below. It would help me to improve in future reviews and blog posts. thanks
Signing off,
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  1. Lenses are pretty no doubt but I am loving that case. Oh so cute.
    Sahar- The cozy fashionista

  2. Hello, can I share my KOREAN-LENS shop review to get a free pair of lens? They send a gift pair if I can bring people to visit but dunno where to put my blog link ? Please tell me and if you want you can just do the same to get a free pair ? Can I copy a link here then you visit the shop? I will come to read your reply tomorrow, thank you gals <3


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