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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review: Glamorous Face Matte Waterproof Eyeliner

Thursday, April 10, 2014
I want my eyeliner to be blackest black, smudge proof, and stay put for long hours. It could not be better if it comes with a cheap price tag. Lets see if Glamorous Face Matte Waterproof eyeliner fulfills my needs or not.

Glamorous Face Matte Eyeliner in black

The packaging is very simple and sleek. It comes in a black tube which is very travel friendly and fits in any of my makeup pouch or clutch easily. I am very glad to see that they have mentioned ingredients and expiry date too on the tube.Its also stated that its a HALAL product, in case you are curious about that. I wish if it was ophthalmologically tested too. So i could wear it more often or with my contacts lenses too. The brush wand is long enough for precise application. 

can you spot word HALAL on it?
My Experience:
The liner brush tip is very thin and flexible which effortlessly draws thin or thick lines around eyes. The color is a matte black just the way i like it. What bothers me is its synthetic smell which goes away within few minutes of application. It dries quickly so i do not need to close my eyes longer and wait. After it dries, It feels like i have pasted something on my eyes and my lashes or lids are stretching. The waterproof claim is partially true. The eyeliner is smudge proof but not waterproof. It does comes off easily if you rub it with water but does not smudge or give raccoon eyes. It comes off like some paint or thin plastic particles. I have been wearing it to some parties and casual day outs in summer heat and it bears it all. It makes it an everyday eyeliner but on special occasions or summer day outs. I would rather go for my other waterproof eyeliner. Here is the swatch :
Glamorous Face Matte Waterproof Eyeliner in Black : swatch

My Recommendations:
Overall, i have mix feelings for this eyeliner. It partially does what it claims. If you are looking for something cheaper then you may like it. I would rate it 3/5

Rs. 150

Available in local markets shops easily, I bought it from Aghaaz supermarket, near gulshan.

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