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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bridal Diaries: What to keep in your wedding purse ?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

picture credits: Tariq Ak
Are you getting married anytime sooner and wants everything perfect on your big day?. Everything has been planned perfectly but what about incidients and some forgetful moments that can ruin your entire big day or makes you feel nervous and helpless. Here is a list of simple things to keep with yourself in your wedding clutch to avoid any regrets. I am saying this because on my wedding day it happened to me. My tika just fall off from my forhead and now matter how hard i and my bridesmaid tried but it could not be placed properly in place as none of us was carrying glue of bubblegum with us.
I regret ..and i will regret my whole life for not keeping certain things with me in my wedding purse. Now i realize that i must share my experience with everyone else who is getting married in future.

Things to remember:

1. Glue:
Any eyelashes adhesive glue will work if your tika , jhoomer or fake eyelashes fall off.

2. Tissue papers or blotting papers

3. extra hair pins or safety pins

4. A lipstick  for re touches.

5. Your cellphone.

6.  Money.

Did you have any mishap during your big day ? or want me to include anything in this list according to your personal experience then feel free to comment below. Our little effort may help anyone out there.
Thanks for reading this post.

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