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Monday, November 3, 2014

Symbol of Modesty : Wedding Veils !

Monday, November 3, 2014
Hi gorgeous ladies, hope that you all are in sound health and beauty. Wedding is the most important day of our life. Mostly for girls, because it changes everything thing in their lives. From their surname to their homes and to their lifestyle. Everything is meant to be changed after marriages. That is why every girl wants to look beautiful on her big day. They give special attention to minor details on this occasion. Along with the wedding dress itself. Every thing should look perfect in every means. Shoes, jewelry , makeup , hair do , everything should be perfect and compliment bride herself.
Wedding veils is a very important part of a girl's attire. Veil is a symbol of sacredness, modesty, purity. It is used as a symbol of protection for precious things, sacred objects and everything which is meant to be protected. On wedding day a bride uses veil as a symbol of her virginity , purity, modesty and honor. In modern age weddings, I love it when a girl enters church, her face covered with a veil , smiling inside it. She looks so precious and like a pearl wrapped in a sea shell. Protected from evil eyes .
After saying I Do , when her husband removes her veil and kisses a bride, it looks so complete. Like a woman is complete now and she is now protected with her husband. So now you know that wedding veils are very important part of a bride's attire. That is why we should give special attention while selecting one for your self. I have browsed and found some very special and uniquely crafted wedding veils . Some have flowers on edges, some are embellished with lace and pearls and sequins. Some have shorter length and some are more dramatic and have a floor length.
you can search their entire collection of wedding veils here :

I personally love these wedding veils with pretty flowers applique on their edges. They looks like a replica to Kate Maddileton's wedding veil. Lets see what she wore on her royal wedding. It really compliments her lace gown.

Kate Middleton on her wedding day

 I found many similar wedding veils on and you can go check them out yourself here :

Also, they are having a black Friday sale and have further reductions on this event .. you can check it more details here :
black Friday sale
black Friday sale
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