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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review: Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Hi girls,
I got my hairs chemically straightened four months back, and my hair stylist recommended me Schwarzkopf bonacure repair rescue shampoo and conditioner. I started using it on her recommendation and since then no looking back. Wants to know why ?

What it claims :

Repair Rescue Shampoo cleanses damaged hair and recharges it with new strength and elasticity. BC Hair Therapy with Cura + Protein Complex reinforces the hair structure with significantly more strength. Amino Cell Rebuild Technology recovers the hair’s natural elasticity by strengthening the architecture in the hair cell. For strong and supple hair full of healthy shine.

My Experience:

I always thought that shampoos are only meant to cleanse your hair but I was wrong. This is not just a shampoo. It is a life saver for my damaged hairs after hair relaxing treatment. The first time I washed my hairs using this shampoo , I felt that I am pouring liquid silk into my hands and my hairs never felt so silky, smooth and tangles free after rinsing. It worked like a charm for my hairs. It lathers up really well and only a small amount is needed to wash my mid back length hairs.

It comes with a price tag Rs.950 which might sound expensive for just a shampoo. But it worth every penny I pay for it.  I have been using it since 4 months and one bottle is enough for two to three months depends on how often you wash your hairs. For me , it is like a life saving medicine for my dull, lifeless hairs after hair relaxing treatment.

After four months of continuous use, my hairs does not have any split ends, hair falls is very minimum , becomes stronger in general. My hairs are more manageable now and tangles free.  I would highly recommend this shampoo to every one who is looking for a solution for their dry and damaged hairs. This stuff is serious girls.

You may like this:
  • makes hairs healthy and silky
  • cleanses well
  • lathers up well, only small amount is needed.
  • no hair fall
  • no split ends
  • no hair breakage
  • stronger hairs
  • manageable hairs
  • unique packaging
You may not like this:
  • expensive price
My Ratings:

5 out of 5

Price & Availability:

I bought it from Bin Hashim Super Store for Rs.950 .

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Signing off,



  1. Wow Jeeya! I must buy it. Thanks!

    Love XoxoX

  2. This sounds like a dream shampoo :o

  3. Thanks for sharing i must try this because my hair so dry in winter =(


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