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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review : Diana of London Super Long wear Eyeliner Pencil

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Hey girls , I told you earlier that i am addicted to eye liner pencils and kohl ... :) I am back again with yet another review of an eye liner which is called Diana of London Super long wear Eye liner pencil in blackest black. 

Brand information :
Diana of London is a Pakistani cosmetics brand which offers a wide range of good quality products at affordable prices. i am very impressed with their range of cosmetics. It is a brand which lies under Max care cosmetics. The same company which also owns Dazz matazz and DMGM cosmetics.
you can check their website here.

Product Information :

Diana of london claims that : 

Soft & Smooth Waterproof Eyeliner pencil which gives a finishing touch to your eye make-up all day long. Available in three shades : blackest black , blue . grey.

My thoughts :

This is my second purchase of this eyeliner pencil . I bought this for Rs. 360 Pkr. It glides on smoothly as an eyeliner and inside eye as a kohl pencil . I use it mostly as a kohl pencil because it has UV filters and vitamin E in it and it is ophthalmologically tested too. It provides intense black color. The product claims that it is water proof , but actually it is not . It smudges too ( if you use it as a kohl pencil ) , but i think it is okay because i live in the part of the world where weather is hot & humid mostly and my eye lids are oily too. Over all it is an average eye liner product.
Here is a swatch of this eye liner pencil , i used it on both upper and lower lash lines in this look :

Jumping towards pros and cons :

Pros :

  • color intensity
  • creamy texture
  • affordable price tag
  • easily available in Pakistan
  • ophthalmologically tested
  • contains UV filters and Vitamin E

  • smudges when used as kohl pencil
  • not water proof
Price and Availability : 
Diana of london super long wear eye liner pencil is easily available across the nation at any leading cosmetics stores for Rs. 360 pkr ( I bought mine from Imtiaz Super store, Nazimabad )

My recommendation :

If you are looking for a basic eye liner pencil then it is for you , i would recommend Dazzmatazz Define n Design eye liner pencil instead of it ( same price tag but stays put on longer)

Which is your favorite eye liner pencil ?Share your thoughts with me :)

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  1. Nice review.I suck at applying eyeliners. oh well :)

  2. I like Diana of London pencils too:)

  3. I've never seen or heard of that brand here in Phils. awesome review!

  4. This is an UAE based company which is mostly available in Pakistan and India .. !!

  5. hey plzz tel me were to buy diana london glitter eyelinear in banglore
    or if i can buy online

  6. they sell Diana of London @ health and glow in bangalore..

  7. Diana of london is italy based company

  8. I have been using this since months, and this pencil is AWESOME

  9. I have used this too and its AWESOME!


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