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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NOTD: Bling Bling nails

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Let me confess , I am not a Pro when it comes to nail art. But I love to practice my nail art skills when ever I get enough time from household chores and a toddler who keeps me occupied all the time. Nail art needs a lot of practice and patience and I am the impatient babe for sure.
I always look for something easier to apply on my nails and make them look festive and bling-y.
I had to attend a close friend's wedding , so I did this nail art yesterday.

1. Nail Art Glitter Round Hexagon sheet:

For this nail art, I used the Beautyuk nail polish and nail glitter hexagon round ones and snowflake and a cute bow rhinestoned nail decoration. I just applied two coats of nail polish and while it was still wet decorated my nails with glitters and these metal decorations. Is not it that easy?

 I love these nail glitters. It comes in a plastic lid jar and contains a lot of product. They shifts colors and gives beautiful rainbow effect in sunlight. You can buy these here.

2. Skull Bow Rhinestone nail art decoration wheel:

It comes in a decoration wheel which is very practical in storing these nail art articles individually. It has 10 pcs of metal and rhinestones nail art pieces. It has bows, skulls, snowflakes, key and crown which is decorated with rhinestones and pearls both in silver and gold finish. My favorite ones are skulls and bows. These are easy to apply and stick with wet nail polish or top coat. You can use nail art adhesive for more secure application, but I did not feel the urge to do so.

You can buy this Here from . They have a wide range of nail art supplies and  other beauty products. They have offered an exclusive discount for my blog readers so go and grab yourself some fabulous products and bargain prices.

Discount code:

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