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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review : Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Naturals Concealer in Beige

Sunday, October 30, 2011
hey girls , please forgive me for being disappeared from this world of blog , i was extremely busy and there was so much to do in my personal life. Lets move on , good news is that i have got some new stuff and i will be sharing these with you in a couple of days , so stay tuned !!

Today i am going to review Maybelline clear smooth minerals healthy naturals concealer. I got this accidently , as my fiancee was on a business trip to Thailand, i asked him, to buy me foundation of this range of maybelline products but by mistake he bought this concealer from watson's Thailand. But i am glad that he made this mistake , want to know why ? just read it below :

Packaging :
The packaging of this concealer is really compact , it is smaller than a tube of lip gloss and you can easily carry it along with you and use it on the go. It come with a duo fiber bent applicator , just like any other lip gloss applicator , which makes it easy to use only where it is needed, you can apply it in dots and blend it with your fingers and it does not go wasted at all.
My experience :
As i said earlier in this post that i wanted to get a foundation of this range but i accidently got this . But i am using it now every day and do not leave home without this . I apply it under my eyes and to hide my acne scars etc. It has a thick consistency , which made it easy to apply and it does not run down. It also blends easily and gives medium to full coverage. It is a mineral concealer , that means it does not clog my pores . It gives me a healthy look and wakes me up when i applies it under my eyes. After using this , i had to apply only a little amount of loose mineral foundation and i am good to go on my work everyday .
It is available in six natural shades. I have got shade medium beige. 

Here is a swatch of this on my hand :
blended :
Price & Availibility :
This product is available at all the leading stores . I got mine from watson's Thailand for around 150 baht. ( correct me if i am wrong , as i forgot the actual price)

Let me know what do think of this concealer if you have used this ? What do you expect from your concealer ?

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  1. my sis have this one, and i have maybelline BB cream, i compared them to each eye, the BB cream worked much better >< its not that the concealer is bad but the bb worked better, even i was shocked hehe

  2. Looks nice :) Will check this out. ^^


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