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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review : Show Mix Green Circle Lens by

Sunday, October 2, 2011
Hey girls ,
I am really sorry for my absence . I was moving to a new place that is why i was unable to access internet. Now i am back with another review of a circle lens which was kindly sent to me by , a malaysian based web store which sells circle lenses and nail colors.
Show mix is a new brand of circle lens for me. I have never heard about it before.
 The vials were safely packed within a box , a free lens case was also included. Lets take a look at the product packaging :
Back side of the box provides information about lens but as it is written in chinese language , i cannot read it.

Left side of the box contains a unique code which you can use to verify the authenticity of the lenses on
Have a look at the lens vials , according to lens vials the lenses are made in korea and have 17.8mm diameter , very enlarging .. !!

Lets talk about lens itself .. here are some fast facts about lens :

Brand - Show mix :

Show Mix is specialize in providing big diameter (17.8mm) circle lens which gives you big eyes effect andulzzang. In addition, it has a prominent feature which the color of the lens will change according to the brightness. In another words, you are paying 1 price to enjoy 2 different colors. Compare to the other brands, it's water content is in average level (42%)

Sold as
: Per Pair
: 17.8mm
Base Curve
: 8.6mm
Water Content
: 42%
Replacement Period
: 12 month

Now let me show you how these lenses look in different lightings :
Natural daylight :
Direct Sunlight :
With Flash:
My thoughts :
When informed me that they want me to review show mix circle lens which has 17.8mm diameter i was really afraid that how do they look on my eyes. But i took it as a challenge and decided to wear them. These are the largest lenses i have ever put on my eyes. But they look quite wearable. As they do not have a dark black outer ring they blends easily with my natural eye color and gives a dolly eye look. 
Enlargement : (10 out of 10)
These are the largest lenses i have ever own. but they do not give bug eye effect or alien looking eyes . Because they do not have a thick bold outer ring, they gives an obvious enlargement but do not look fake or weird . 
Color & Design : (8 out of 10)
These are two toned color lenses. The color brown and green blends really well into each other. The color is green is very grassy and it also has a glossy finish. The color is not that much opaque but it really enhances your natural eye color. I have dark brown eyes and they do not look fake on myself.
Comfort : (7 out of 10)
Although , i did not wear them for longer period of time , but i did not feel any itchiness or blurriness in vision. but i do feel that they are not as comfortable as my other lenses , which is i believe due to its larger diameter. I have this feeling of "something is in my eye" whenever i put on these lenses.
I will recommend this lenses to those who are really interested in these huge lenses , or just wanted to wear something different for their cosplays or halloween

If you are interested in buying these lenses , you can go to  or visit them on Facebook.

Disclaimer : This review contains a PR sample sent for review. I earned no monetary compensation from the brand nor did it in any way influence my opinion.

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  1. those lenses look so pretty :) xx

  2. Awesome blog! Please check out my blog!

  3. i wanna ask dt i got too much irritation after wearing lenses :/ why its happened?

    1. Hina , please see your eye specialist as soon as possible .


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