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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review : Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
 Hi girls,
Olay essentials beauty fluid is my new found love. "where have you been all my life beauty ?"
Why I am raving so much about this product ? lets read out to know about this incredibly good product and affordable too.


Packaging is very basic and practical. It comes in a ,ight pink bottle with screw top black lid. You are supposed to squeeze a bit and pour it on your hands to take out some product.

My Thoughts :

My skin type is combination and it is very difficult to get a product which can equally moisturize it and without break outs. I bought this olay essentials beauty fluid and was not sure whether it will work for me or not. But after first application it took my heart. My skin was never felt so moisturized , youthful , soft and supple before. I have already gone through its half bottle and my skin is radiant and supple. The formula is very balanced. It quickly absorbs into skin and does not leave any residue or stickiness behind. It also do not leave any white caste effect. It has a very refreshing mild fragrant which lasts up to few hours.

After using it for one month continuously, I have noticed that dry patches around my lips and cheeks are disappeared. My skin feels more radiant and hydrated. I cannot start my day without this gem now. Its my holygrail product and must be best skin care product that I have tried in the past year. It is now a essential part of my beauty regime and I love to apply it after every time I wash my face. I am using it twice a day .

This moisturizer is meant for combination and oily skin and I am loving it. 

Price is very pocket friendly, It costed me Rs. 415 and I got it from Bin Hashim Super  Market, Karachi.

so girls , what product are you using these days ?

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