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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Review: Saeed Ghani Herbal Whitening Soap With Sandalwood

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Hi girls,
Few days back I posted about Saeed Ghani sandal wood soap on facebook and many girls requested me to review it soon. Saeed Ghani is a popular brand which sells ubtans, mehndi, attars and other herbal products in Pakistan. Their products are also available internationally.
 I bought this soap a while ago, when I was doing my grocery shopping from Bin Hashim Super Stores. Its time to reveal my thoughts about this soap.

Saeed Ghani  Herbal Whitening Soap With Sandalwood
What it claims :

Herbal Skin + is an advance whitening product, specially developed at Saeed Ghani's Herbal laboratory; were created after years of pioneering research by combining the century old recipes with science and technology. Our skin whitening secret is a unique formulation with combination of natural ingredients extracts. That works by elevating skin clarity & brightness. The nutrients and exfoliates contained in the Herbal Skin + lightening formulas promote the generation of new skin cells and are highly essential in providing an even skin tone. The result is a silky white complexion that glows from within.  

Saeed Ghani's  Herbal Whitening Soap : Review

My Thoughts:
First thing that I noticed when I opened it was its strong scent. I like it but my husband hates it. He asked me not to keep it inside bathroom as he gets sneezes as soon as he enters washroom . So be careful if you are allergic to strong smells or fragrances. It smells like sandal but its very strong. It is recommended to apply it on your face and body and leave for 30 seconds before rinsing it off. It lathers up really well. When I washed my face first time, I noticed an instant glow on my face. It removes all the sebum , dirt and dullness from my face in just one wash. I have combination skin so I noticed that my T zone area feels cleansed and oil free but my cheeks parts feels a little bit dry. I guess if you have dry skin , then stay away from this soap as it may irritates your skin. After using it for several days now there is visible improvement in my complexion. It does not make it whiter but improves complexion by removing tan.
I am using it as a body wash too, and my body feels cleansed and fragranced for many hours. The fragrance fades away gradually.
Over all, I am liking this product. But I guess it is best suitable for oily skin type and to be used in summers. Otherwise you will get drier skin.
The full list of ingredients is not mentioned on the product packaging. I wish if they provide ingredients as I am very conscious about what I am going to apply on myself.

You may like this if,
  • You have oily or combination skin
  • you are into herbal products
  • the fragrance does not bothers you
  • It is easily available and affordable
  • You want to improve your complexion
You may not like this if,
  • You have dry skin.
  • It makes your skin drier
  • you are allergic to strong smells
  • you are not fond of herbal products
  • whitening claim is not true
My ratings:
4 out of 5

I bought it for  Rs.120 From Bin Hashim Super Market, Karachi.

Have you used this product ? please share your experiences in the comments below :

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Signing off,



  1. i ll like to try this as i hv oily skin THanks for sharing

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. im gona get it if its for oily skin :s

  4. hey maria , yes it suits oily combination skin.

  5. I'm using neem soap by saeed ghani.
    Thank you for sharing


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