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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review : Pond's Clear Balance Oil Control Facial Foam

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Hi girls , i know that i have been disappeared from my blog for so long . Actually i broke my camera first , and i needed to fix it . Then , my mid term exams started and i got so much busy. I am really sorry for this and i would now continue to post regularly.
The summer is finally here and honestly i really hate this season because i have oily skin. As long as the summer reached here , i started to look for all the products which can controls my shine and keeps me matte . 
Pond's ia a trusted brand when it comes to skin care. Last i tried their Pure white activated carbon face wash , i was really satisfied with that. But being a curious customer , this time i approached for pond's clear balance oil control facial foam , does it makes me happy too ? well , read more to find out ..

Product Information :

Pond's introduces its advanced Skin Mattifying Facial Foam, powered by unique Mineral Clay.
Unearthed in its pure form, mineral clay is known to be highly absorbant. New Pond's Oil Control effectively sponges up excess oil and removes dirt and make-up without over drying skin. Skin feels instantly clean, refreshed and balanced, with that long lasting matte looking finish you dream of!!

My thoughts :
I bought this facial foam because i wanted to try something new and something that can help me to stay matte for several hours. FIY, my skin gets very oily around T zone area in summers and a good facial foam helps me to stay shine free .
The packaging of this facial foam is very sleek and convenient to use. The flip open cap and sqeeze tube allows only desired amount to come and avoid wastage.

The texture of this facial foam is creamy and it also has some micro beads in it. which are not at all harsh on skin , but helps in daily exfoliation , specially on T zone area. It lathers easily and turns into creamy lather. The skin feels thoroughly clean and shine free , afterwards. I also feels that it is not over-drying like pond's pure white activated carbon facial foam. So if you have got combination or normal skin , you can also use this in summers.
It has a mild and refreshing scent. I am really satisfied with this product . I also noticed that it helps improving my skin texture and complexion. I bought this for 220 Pkr. The price may varies nationwide. Here is list of ingredients , if you are concerned :
Over all it is a great product for normal to oily or very oily skin type.
You may like this if ..

  • it is affordable
  • sleek packaging
  • makes you oil and shine free
  • does what it claims
  • scent is refreshing
you may not like this if ..

  • you have dry skin

Recommendation :
yes, highly recommended , if you have normal to oily or very oily skin.

Price & Availability :
Pond's clear balance oil control facial foam is available for Rs. 220 PKR nationwide.

Have you tried this product yet ? share your thoughts with me ? what is your favorite facial foam for summers ?

signing off,

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  1. sounds wonderful and welcome back hun :) xx

  2. oh I have it too haven't started using it yet will surely do =)

  3. This looks great! I will surely pick this up soon :) I liked the previous oil control face wash so this loooks fairly improved

  4. So Glad you are back with a nice review:)

  5. I just bought Ponds Clear Balance Acne Control , eager to review it soon :) Great review , thanks for sharing <3 x

  6. I'll definitely try it :)

  7. Hy sweetie! this is lovely! i was thinking, maybe we can follow each others blog?! :X


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