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Sunday, March 18, 2012

NOTD: Christine nail polish

Sunday, March 18, 2012
Hey girls , today i am wearing a christine nail polish on my nails. I have this nail colour in my stash for past few months and i am in love with it.
Its a duo chrome burnt purple and have red and bronze specks in it. It looks beautiful in day lights. The colour is very hard to capture with my silly camera . The picture below is taken in sun light , you can see how beautiful it looks. I have applied two coats here , without any top or base coat.
The shade number is doubtful as i have lost its label which had the shade number on it. But it was 96 or 94 number , this is what i could remember.
This particular shade is very classy and elegent. Its a mysterious kind of colour which looks different in certain lights.

Christine Cosmetics are very popular among Pakistani girls due to their affordable prices. I personally like their nail lacquers because they have a variety of colours and have a decent quality too.
Price & Availability :
Christine Nail colours are available nationwide for Rs. 60 - 80 (less than 1$ )

What are you wearing on your nails right now ? Do you own christine nail colours , what do you like about these ? Share your thoughts with me :)

yours ,

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  1. Color looks great on your nails. Nice review.

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  2. I haven't tried any of their nail colors. The quality looks great though, and the color looks great on your nails.

  3. looks grt.. Christine Cosmetics are grt indeed affordable n good in quality

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  5. hi jeeya!
    can i have your email id please?

  6. I like christine cosmetics.
    Its very nice colour.

  7. Quality looks good, looking forward for more shades

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  8. I have never tried Christine makeup and wow it's priced so low! I just found your blog and I find it quite interesting. :) Make sure to follow me I'm from Lahore xx


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